The 2014 Middle School Play this year was Bugsy Malone, performed on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of November in the Bracebridge Wilson Theatre (BW).  A moderate cast of 77 students performed to almost sell-out audiences each night. For those who did not see the play, it was a parody of the 1920s Prohibition era and of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran; however, it was originally written for child actors.  It follows the story of Fat Sam’s 'Grand Slam'.  It is the swingiest joint in town but this speakeasy is rocked by a turf war between big-time gangster Fat Sam and up-and-comer Dandy Dan. Soon Fat Sam’s gang has all been 'splurged' but he finds an unlikely ally in the quick-thinking Bugsy Malone. However, Bugsy has his own troubles trying to win the affection of wannabe singer Blousey Brown. Bugsy Malone is a musical comedy based on the 1976 movie of the same title filled with plenty of mess and mayhem. The production team received a letter from an audience member who has no affiliation with the School; she wrote:

To all concerned with the production and presentation of 2014 Middle School Play Bugsy Malone. How splendid it was!  The Bugsy Malone Band, such a great performance, congratulations to you all!! To have this ability to make music to take with you through life is a great, great thing. The production team, A to S; more congratulations! Everything, I believe, was so good... script, acting; movement - a key element, colour, singing, smooth running...
Thankyou all,
Elizabeth Goldberg

Nicholas Mawson