On Thursday 7 May I had the privilege of going to see the Year 12 Theatre Studies class production of Matt Cameron’s play, Ruby Moon. This was the first production to be held in the new Bracebridge Wilson Studio inside the SPACE so it was an adventure for all. I was really impressed with the simplicity of the set designed by Brooke McKay and Posy Roper. While incredibly simple it was very striking. I have to admit that while impressed with the professionalism with which the students told this story, I did leave the theatre very emotionally challenged. The play centres around the apparent abduction of little Ruby who sets off to her grandmother’s, never to be seen again. In the beginning you feel that the story is evolving around the parents seeking answers and there may be hope to find the lost Ruby but, as it goes on, you start to question everything that you hear and see. Are the neighbours portrayed real or merely figments of the parents’ imagination? Is the mother suffering from schizophrenia? Are the parents suffering delusions that they even have a child? The truth of a child being abducted would be harder for me to face than other scenarios that played through my mind.

Jodie Townsend