The Geelong Grammar School Art Collection contains more than 300 artworks of significant aesthetic, historical and cultural value. Acquired over the past 150 years, the Collection has been established to support and enrich the teaching of Visual Arts at the School, as well as transforming the buildings and grounds - classrooms, offices, boarding houses and libraries. As such, the Collection offers students and staff a rare opportunity to engage with art on a daily basis, making it a distinctive component of their educational experience.


Installed throughout the School's four campuses, the Collection includes paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics and decorative arts. The Collection's main role is to conserve, interpret and present works of art to the Geelong Grammar School community. It features work by a number of prominent Old Geelong Grammarians, including photographer David Moore (Cu'45), painter Russell Drysdale (P'30) and multi-media artist Lachlan Petras (FB'07), as well as other notable Australian and international artists, including the likes of painter John Brack, airbrush artist Howard Arkley and American graffiti artist Keith Haring (who painted the 'Angel' mural pictured above on a wall of our Toorak Campus during a visit to Australia in 1984). New acquisitions support the vision of the School as an environment for innovative thinking and artistic experimentation.