An extensive range of Co-curricular Activities and Year 10 Workshops complement the School's formal academic offerings in the Visual Arts. Middle School students (Years 7-8) complete Co-curricular Activities on Monday and Thursday, whilst Senior School students (Years 10-12) complete activities on Tuesday and Friday. During these times, and on Sundays, the Art Department co-ordinates a wide range of activities and workshops, including Life Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Henna Art, Prop Making, Movie Making, Digital Art and Ceramics. The Department also runs an Open Studio programme that enables and encourages Visual Arts students to work in the Art School during free afternoons and on weekends.

Year 10 Creative Arts Workshops are held in Term 2. These three-day workshops are designed to expose students to a broad range of creative activity. They feature artists and performers from across Australia presenting a vibrant choice of workshop activities, including blacksmithing, face painting, juggling, air-brushing, t-shirt design, computer animation, yoga and jewellery making.