This year's Coriobald Prize Portrait Exhibition opened on Friday 3 August with the help of our Term 2 Artist-in-Residence, Matthew Quick.

This year's prize winners are:

Packing Room Prize - Melanie McCullen (Yr12 EM) for Generational Change: Peas in a Pod.

Photography Prize for Senior School - Georgie Spiden (Yr12 Cl) for Suffocation. Honourable mentions went to Kitty Connell (Yr12 A) and Melanie McCullen (Yr12 EM).

Judges' Prize for Middle School - Suri Li (Yr8 Ot). Honourable mentions Tony Li (Yr8 Bb) and Joseph Cameron (Yr5 Hi).

Judges' Prize for Senior School - Rachelle Koumouris (Yr12 Fr) for Josie. Honourable mentions went to Ruby Dhillon (Yr10 Ga) and Issy Perrignon (Yr10 EM).