OGG-Timbertop-Morning-TNOld Geelong Grammarians have an opportunity to re-visit Timbertop on the morning of Saturday 19 September 2020.

Given the very nature of the programme at Timbertop, the School is unable to welcome visitors during term time and unable to hold more than two Timbertop reunions per year (the 40th and the 50th), so the first Saturday morning of the Term 3 Victorian school holidays has been set aside for OGGs to visit the campus.

With so many past students of Timbertop (well over 10,000 now), managing visits to the campus is complex: the remote nature and isolation of Timbertop needs to be preserved for current students, the campus requires regular maintenance during the holidays, while Timbertop staff need a break from the 24/7 nature of the school term.

The Head of Timbertop, Tom Hall, opens the campus to past students and their families on designated OGG Timbertop Mornings, when all are warmly welcome to come and visit.



9.00am – Security gate opens, guests gather in Dining Hall for Morning Tea

9.30am The Head of Timbertop, Mr Tom Hall will give a talk about life at Timbertop in 2020

10.30am – Guided Tours of the Campus

12 noon – Guests depart the campus

Further Information: Katie Rafferty in the OGG Office Tel: 03 5273 9338 or Email: oggs@ggs.vic.edu.au

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a morning for prospective and current students to visit.
Prospective families need to book a Tour Day through the Admissions Department at Geelong Grammar School
Tel: 03 5273 9307 or Email: admissions@ggs.vic.edu.au