At the AGM on Tuesday 2nd May, Vice President, Lachie Stevens (M'96) and Treasurer, Stuart Whitehead (Cu'94) stood down from the OGG Committee after nine and four years of service respectively. Both have made solid and valuable contributions to the Committee during their time. Rob Perry (A'83) and Will Richardson (M'02) have been appointed to the OGG Committee to fill casual vacancies created by the retirements of Lachie and Stuart. 

Five Honorary OGG awards were presented to staff members Phil Marshall (Corio Maintenance Staff), Stephen Meek (Principal), David Oman (Corio Staff) and David Witcombe (Corio non-teaching Staff) and to Matt Bouma (Corio Maintenance Staff) in absentia. 

Also at the AGM, Georgina Calvert (Fr’16) and Airlie Kinross (Ga’16) were congratulated and acknowledged as the co-recipients of the OGG Prize for Dux of the School in 2016. 

After the AGM, Margie Gillett  (Cordner, Clyde '71) was re-elected President for a second term. Nina Anderson (Thomas, Cl'93) and David Henry (FB'70) were elected Co-Vice Presidents and Will Richardson (M'02) was elected Treasurer.

The OGG Committee for 2017 consists of:

Pin Affleck (Cl’97)
Nina Anderson (Cl’93), Co-Vice President
Ian Coltman (FB’77)
Bill Ferguson (P’72)
Margie Gillett (President COGA) (Cl’71), President
Deidre Griffiths (President HOGA) (He’68)
David Henry (FB’70), Co-Vice President
Simon Kemp (Cu’70)
Sandy Mackenzie (FB’59)
Robert Perry (A’83)
Katie Rafferty (Ga’84), Honorary Secretary
Will Richardson (M’02), Treasurer
Annabel Southey (Cl’02)

Ex Officio:
Jeremy Kirkwood (FB’79), Chairman of School Council
Penelope McBain, Chair of the Foundation Board
Stephen Meek, Principal
The Director of Community Relations