The 20th Annual Tower Luncheon was held in the Dining Hall at Corio on Saturday 9 November. Guests attended ranging in year groups that were from 50 to 80 years out of School, the eldest being 99 year old Bill Charles (Ge'37) who is still in fine fettle and read The Intercessions beautifully at the Chapel Service. Also present, all the way from Mallacoota, was Dianne Boddy (Elford, P'51) who read The OGG Prayer in Chapel, written by her late husband, Harold Boddy (M'29). Anne Howard (McPherson, Clyde '69) and Naida Hutton (Glen, The Hermitage '68) also read in the Chapel service, representing Clyde and The Hermitage, both schools from which there were also many in attendance, but particularly from The Hermitage in support of guest speaker Tamie Fraser AO (Beggs, The Hermitage '53). Tamie shared fascinating, humorous and insightful moments from her life, captivating the audience of over 200 people.