At the AGM on Tuesday 7 May, Ian Coltman (A'77) was elected the 65th President of the Old Geelong Grammarians Association. Ian has a long association with Geelong Grammar School with three generations of his family attending the School: his father Kay Coltman (FB'46), uncle Barrie Coltman (FB'50), sister Robyn Fitzgerald (Coltman, Li'75), brother Chris Coltman (A'80) and sons George Coltman (FB'14) and Hugh Coltman (FB'16).

Ian (LLB, B.Ec, Grad Dip Bus Admin) has practiced law for over 25 years and is Principal at Coltmans Legal, a commercial law practice with a focus on financial services regulation. Ian has been a member of the OGG Committee since 2014. Supporting him in his role are Co-Vice Presidents, Annabel Bainger (Southey, Cl'02) and Simon Kemp (Cu'70), Treasurer, Will Richardson (M'02), Honorary Secretary, Katie Rafferty (Spry, Ga'84) and Committee members Lucinda Bordignon (Cl'03), Andrew Burgess (FB'81), Susie Donald (The Hermitage '75), Tristan Dwyer (Fr'01), Bill Ferguson (P'72), Margie Gillett (Cordner, Clyde '71), Elly Grace (Siperki, Cl'94), Sandy Mackenzie (FB'59) and Rob Perry (A'83).

Margie-Gillett-300x450Margie Gillett (Cordner, Clyde '71) retired as President after four years of service. Margie has been an exceptional President of the Association. During Margie's time as President, the OGG Committee were able to ensure some significant contributions to Geelong Grammar School on behalf of the Old Geelong Grammarians Association. These included contributing financial support towards the Toorak Wellbeing Centre and the preservation and restoration of some of the School's archival material, in particular, original plans of the School and some particular items in the collection. During Margie's Presidency, the OGGA undertook a survey of its membership to assist with the strategic decisions of the committee designed to unite former members of the School, including the implementation of the online OGG Mentoring Programme through the Mentorloop platform. Additional financial sponsorship has also been given by the OGGA to the Old Geelong Sporting Club, a Club which supports a huge number of younger OGG in their sporting pursuits and also keeping them connected socially and professionally in Melbourne. In addition to this, the OGG Association were able to fund an assistant for Michael Collins Persse. This assistance enabled Michael, in the last stages of his life, to oversee the sorting, recording, documenting and distributing of his collection. This included numerous items that have gone into the School archives.  It has been a period of significant achievement and for this we thank Margie for her leadership, dedication and commitment to the Old Geelong Grammarians Association. Margie will remain on the OGG Committee as the representative of the Clyde Old Girls' Association whose members attended Clyde School. Margie will also continue as the President of the Clyde Old Girls Association.

Several other long-serving members of the OGG Committee have also reached the end of their term of service: Co-Vice President, Nina Anderson (Thomas, Cl'93) whose hallmark contribution, among many others, was through the eminently successful OGG Business Lunch held annually in Melbourne (Nina hopes to continue with this initiative.), The Hermitage representative, current President of The Hermitage Old Girls Association, Deidre Griffiths (The Hermitage '68) who was a vital link between the OGGA and HOGA, Pin Affleck (Cl'97) who during her time on the committee, among other things was a long-time supporter of the OGG/GGS Careers Day, working hard to ensure a number of young OGGs return to the School to speak with Year 10 students about their career and they paths they took to get there and David Henry (FB'69) who contributed so much but notably established the OGG Motoring Event which continues to run strongly and David hopes to continue this initiative. All made solid and valuable contributions to the Committee during their time.

Susie Donald (The Hermitage '75), Tristan Dwyer (Fr'01) and Elly Grace (Siperki, Cl'94), have been appointed to the OGG Committee to fill casual vacancies created by the retirements of Deidre, David and Nina. 

The OGG Committee for 2019 consists of:

Annabel Bainger (Southey, Cl’02), Co-Vice President
Lucinda Bordignon (Cl’03)
Andrew Burgess (FB'81)
Ian Coltman (FB’77), President
Susie Donald (The Hermitage '75)
Tristan Dwyer (Fr'01)
Bill Ferguson (P’72)
Margie Gillett (President COGA) (Cordner, Cl’71)
Elly Grace (Siperki, Cl'94)
Simon Kemp (Cu’70), Co-Vice President
Sandy Mackenzie (FB’59)
Robert Perry (A’83)
Katie Rafferty (Spry, Ga’84), Honorary Secretary
Will Richardson (M’02), Treasurer

Ex Officio:
Rebecca Cody, Principal
Jeremy Kirkwood (FB’79), Chairman of School Council
Brendan McAloon, Director of Community Relations
Penelope McBain, Chair of the Foundation Board



Ian Coltman (A'77) 

OGG President 

Ian joined the OGG Committee in 2014. 

He is a lawyer and Principal at Coltmans Legal and also sits on Geelong Grammar School Council.


Annabel-SoutheyAnnabel Bainger (Southey, Cl'02)

Co-Vice President 

Annabel joined the OGG Committee in 2016 and was appointed Co-Vice President in 2019.

She is currently on maternity leave from her position of Maths Teacher and Head of Unit at Timbertop.



Simon Kemp (Cu'70)

Co-Vice President 

Simon joined the OGG Committee in 2014. 

He has his own business Bramshaw, specialising in conference communications.



Will Richardson (M'02)


Will joined the OGG Committee in 2017 and was appointed Treasurer, having previously sat on the OGG Finance Committee.

He is an Investment Adviser with Evans and Partners.



Katie Rafferty (Spry, Ga'84)

Honorary Secretary 

Katie joined the OGG Committee in 2008 as a salaried employee of Geelong Grammar School and was appointed Honorary Secretary of the OGG Association in that capacity.

She is the Alumni Manager at Geelong Grammar School.


Lucinda Bordignon (Cl'03)

Committee Member 

Lucinda joined the OGG Committee in 2018 and has previously had involvement with the OGG ACT Branch Committee.

She has practiced as a solicitor and is actively involved with the Law Institute of Victoria Young Lawyers section.



Andrew Burgess (FB'81)

Committee Member 

Andrew joined the OGG Committee in 2018.

He is Business Development Manager at Boundary Bend Olives.



Susie Donald (The Hermitage '75)

Committee Member 

Susie joined the OGG Committee as a representative of The Hermitage Old Girls' Association in 2019.

She is a former chef, award winning author and cooking teacher who currently runs her own catering company.


Tristan Dwyer (Fr'01)

Committee Member 

Tristan joined the OGG Committee in 2019.

He is the Senior Manager Corporate Affairs for the Bank of Melbourne.



Bill Ferguson (FB'81)

Committee Member 

Bill joined the OGG Committee in 2015.

He is a teacher at Phoenix P- 12 Community College.



Margie Gillett (Cordner, Clyde'71)

Committee Member 

Margie joined the OGG Committee as President of the Clyde Old Girls' Association in 2009.

Margie retired as OGG President in 2019 but continues to be the President of the Clyde Old Girls' Association which she represents on the OGG Committee.


Elly Grace (Siperki, Cl'94)

Committee Member 

Elly joined the OGG Committee in 2019.

She is Client Relationship Manager and Tax SME at GBST.



Sandy Mackenzie (FB'59)

Committee Member 

Sandy joined the OGG Committee in 2015 and is the President of the Riverina and North Eastern Victorian Branch of the Old Geelong Grammarians.

He is a former Federal Parliamentarian and member of the National Party of Australia.



Robert Perry (A'83)

Committee Member 

Rob joined the OGG Committee in 2017.

He is a partner at Ernst & Young.