A huge THANK YOU to all involved in unpacking Michael's books and re-locating them to the shelves of the Hawker Library. The Year 11 and 12 students will now have access to his history collection, literature reference books, poetry and a section of plays. Also on display now is his vast Folio Society collection of literature.

Thank you to our volunteers:
Alex Bajer (Fr'17)
Emilia Bajer (Fr'19)
Iga Bajer
Julian Bajer (Year 12 Fr)
Ellie Cheesman (Fr'17)
Bill Ferguson (P'72)
Margie Gillett (Cordner, Clyde '71)
Sophia Marsden-Smith (McQuillan, Fr'09)
Blake Nielsen (Fr'11)
Staff involved were:
Sophie Church
Brendan McAloon
Briony Pemberton
Katie Rafferty
Roger Southern