Looking back on the PPN’s first six years

The Past Parent Network is now six years old and, year on year, it grows in strength. The passion, energy and focus of our Co-Chairs, Markela Sargent-Peck and Cathie Kemp, and our Vice Chair Shadda Abercrombie, have overseen the growth and expansion of the Network. It is now a strong and vibrant addition to the GGS stable of associations – and one to which every single GGS family is welcome.

We hope the following images may bring back memories of some wonderful venues and lively conversations.

Images are organised in chronological order, with most recent functions, first.

October 2017 - the Hong Kong Branch function was held at the NockArt Gallery owned by Past Parent Michael Nock

April 2017 - our annual Autumn Cocktail Party was generously hosted by Past Parent Sam Hayward (FB'76) 

November 2016 - PPN Spring Afternoon Tea hosted by Past Parents, Linda and Paul Morgan at their residence in Highton, Victoria

September 2016 - PPN (Hong Kong Chapter) Dinner generously hosted by Past Parents Christine and Michael Olesnicky

April 2016 – our now-annual Cocktail function, this time kindly hosted by Past Parents Sarah and Ted Watts

November 2015 – An afternoon at Corio campus including afternoon tea, kindly sponsored by GGS Principal Stephen Meek and Mrs Christine Meek (both also Past Parents of GGS)

September 2015 – our second PPN Hong Kong function, kindly sponsored by Past Parent, Carl Lu

March 2015 – our now-annual Cocktail function, once again kindly hosted by Shadda and Andrew Abercrombie

November 2014 – A day in the garden at Bolobek, kindly hosted by Past Parents, Brigid and Hugh Robertson

September 2014 – our first PPN Hong Kong event, kindly organized by Past Parent Suzy Rayment

August 2014 – “Diamonds Are Girls’ Best Friend” function, hosted by Past Parent, Mandy Catanach at Catanach Jewellers Melbourne

May 2014 – our third Cocktail function, held again at the home of our kind hosts Shadda and Andrew Abercrombie

March 2013 – our second Cocktail function, held at the home of our kind hosts and Past Parents, Anne and Mark Robertson

August 2012 - the first PPN Cocktail function, held at the home of our kind hosts & Past Parents, Shadda and Andrew Abercrombie

Where it all began... August 2012 - PPN Founders: Brigid Robertson (Treasurer), Cathie Vickers-Willis (Inaugural Chair) and Sally Kincaid (Secretary) 


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