The following people make up the WH Pincott Club Committee:

Clive Jamieson – President
Maryjane Crabtree – Vice-President
Kim Baker – Hon. Secretary
Ed Gill – Treasurer
Bec Manifold – Committee Member
Sonia Kent – Committee Member


With the 2019 rowing season underway, the WH Pincott Club will continue its annual fundraising program. Following on from a very successful 2018, the WHPC is again hard at work planning next year's fundraising program. Funds raised in 2019 will go towards the purchase of new equipment in line with our boat turnover plan, which includes rolling over older equipment and making new purchases to ensure we have a high standard of equipment throughout the boat shed. The big ticket item will be the purchased of a new VIII to be used by the Girls 1st VIII in 2020. 

Clive Jamieson and Sonia Kent are currently finalising fundraising information with more information to come soon. 

Tax deductable donations can be made via the WHPC link to the ASF website ONLINE


Saturday 24 November saw the 60th Head of the Yarra race. A number of our past rowers competed successfully over the 8.6 Km course.

Kirstie Green (A'15) rowing for Mercantile in the Female B Grade eight, finishing in 2nd place.

James Heath (Cu'17) representing MUBC in the Male B Grade eight, finishing in 3rd place.

Carl Tomczak (Fr'13) representing Mercantile in the Male B Grade eight, winning with a time of 26:31.

Jamima Jamieson (Cl'17) was a member of the Mercantile Open Female eight, winning with a time of 27:42. 

Fleur Spriggs (Ga'87) rowing for Powerhouse in the Female E Grade Masters eight, winning with a time of 33:54.

Hamish Wynn-Pope (Cu'18) and Nick Doughty (Cu'18) also competed, by invitation, in B Division for MUBC.

It was fantastic to see our past rowers competing successfully in this historic Victorian boat race.



Welcome to the first WH Pincott newsletter of the 2018/2019 season. The senior crews have made a strong start to the season with progress being made in training ethic and on water sessions.

As we move into the competition component of our season, I hope that you can join us on the river bank at the upcoming regattas supporting our GGS crews. This is greatly appreciated by our students and coaches alike.

Our GGS crews are beginning to build combination and we have seen significant physical and technical gains across Term 4. This has our crews poised for some strong racing in Term 1 next year.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.
Kind regards,

Toby Lister
Director of Rowing


Congratulations to Boat Club members Maddy Atkins and Bobby Jamieson who were earlier this term announced as School Captains for 2019. Maddy and Bobby were members of the 2018 1st VIII crews and have returned as leaders in the Boat Club as we look towards an exciting Term 1, 2019.


It is with great pleasure that we announce the Captains of Boats for the 2018-19 season, congratulations to Olivia Moore (Cl) who has been appointed Captain of Boats – Girls, and William Allen (M) who has been appointed Captain of Boats - Boys.
Both Olivia and William are strong role models for their peers and I have no doubt will lead by example. Both talented athletes, they emulate the values of the GGS program through hard work, placing others before themselves and supporting their peers. We look forward to working with Liv and Will during the season.


On Sunday 28 November GGS held the annual House Rowing Regatta on the Barwon River. The traditional Saturday regatta was replaced with a special Sunday of racing, all races were contested with a healthy rivalry and passion. This year’s regatta included coxed four and single sculls before concluding with the ‘blue ribbon’ events of the Boys and Girls Eights.

Following the racing, several presentations were carried out. We acknowledged the House Regatta victors, 2018 winning Head of the River crews and our Year 12 Leavers. A number of newly purchased boats were christened in recognition of GGS rowers who have made a significant contribution to rowing at GGS or beyond. The WH Pincott Club and the school supported the purchase of two new fours, the Simon and Fleur Spriggs; while John Quale’s bequest saw the purchase of a new racing scull named ‘The JQ’. 

2018 House Regatta Results:

Champion House (Robertson Cup) - Francis Brown
Boys Eight (Fairbairn Cup) - Francis Brown
Boys Year 12 Scull (Andrew McArthur Trophy) – Will Allen (M)
Boys Year 11 Scull – Bobby Jamieson (M)
Boys Year 10 Scull – James Shippen (Cu) 
Boys Coxed Four - Manifold

Champion House (Gilder Cup) - The Hermitage
Girls Eight (Ladies Trophy) - Clyde
Girls Year 12 Scull (Old Geelong Grammarians Trophy) - Sarah Mactaggart (He)
Girls Year 11 Scull – Milli Friday (He)
Girls Year 10 Scull – Brooke Pithie (He)
Girls Coxed Four –Clyde

Enjoy browsing through the highlights from the day:


On Saturday 17 November the Middle School rowers saw the return of the annual House Regatta ‘Head of the Lagoon’ on Limeburners Bay. The morning was met with challenging winds although this did not dampen the spirits of our students.

The regatta included three events which were raced with great enthusiasm over 400 m. The quad and eights races were extremely competitive and close to call.

Congratulations to Barrabool for winning the 2018 'Head of the Lagoon' Regatta.


On Saturday 17 November, GGS competed in the annual Melbourne Head Regatta. The event is held over 3.5 km in a time trial format with crews sent off at 20 second intervals. The race begins beside Herring Island and finishes outside Melbourne University Boat Club. The regatta was the first ‘hit out’ for our senior rowers and all crews learnt some valuable lessons on consistency of racing over a longer distance and the importance of steering in traffic. Well done to all of our students. Please see below for results:


Result 1

Result 2


Result 1

Result 2


Sch Boy 8+

Men's U21 8+


Sch Girl 8+

Women's U21 8+

1st VIII

3rd of 8

2nd of 10

1st VIII

3rd of 12

1st of 16

2nd VIII

9th of 11

7th of 10

2nd VIII

6th of 12

9th of 16

3rd VIII

8th of 15

9th of 10

3rd VIII

7th of 12

13th of 16

4th VIII

15th of 15 (3rd Div)

10th of 10

4th 4x

11th of 12



A special thank you to the WH Pincott Club, BCD Committee and Geelong Grammar School for their ongoing support of the GGS Boat Club. By working in partnership, we have been able to purchase the following equipment during the 2018 off-season:

 Empacher racing eight for Senior Boys
 Coaching Motorboat for Senior Girls
 Two rowing trailers
 Two regulation fours for Year 10 Girls
 Two regulation fours for Middle School (Boys and Girls)


We are currently seeking further support from the community to match the school’s contribution next year. We aim to add the following items to our program and continue the turn over of our equipment as per the GGS Rowing Strategic Plan:

 Middle School sculling oars (30 pairs)
 Middle School regulation fours (6 in total)
 Empacher eight for Senior Girls
 Coaching Motorboat for Senior Boys
 Sykes eight for Year 10 Boys


A friendly reminder that all volunteers for weekend BBQs or rowing camps are required to hold a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) card as per school policy and government legislation. The school keeps an active database of all volunteers’ cards and information. If you haven’t already supplied your relevant details then please send them to Trish Bakacs, Compliance Officer: WWCC@ggs.vic.edu.au

If you require a WWCC, apply at: Working with Children Check, Victoria


The APS Heads have recently agreed to several amendments to the Rowing Regulations. Find a copy of the regulations on the APS Rowing website.

Key Information is:
- During the summer holidays no rower shall be engaged in any rowing (i.e. on water) or fitness related activities based at school facilities, and/or engage any member of the school employed in, or associated with, the school’s rowing program. Students may initiate and lead fitness related activities in groups that may use school equipment (e.g. ergometers) but not at school facilities (including on water equipment), or participate in rowing (excluding surf boats) in a crew of 2 or more from their school. 
- For a proven breach of rowing regulations, the crew will, if in an event with a Heat and Final at the APS Regatta (Heads of the River), be seeded last in the B Final at the APS Regatta (Heads of the River).

In summary: Single scull rowing only unless rowing with a boy(s) or girl(s) from another school.

VALE: ROB DITTERICH 18 August 2018 (GGS STAFF 1983-97)

Rob-von-Ditterich-vale-The-Corian-1997Rob attended Wesley College as a student from 1965-70, a keen rower stroking the Wesley 1st VIII to victory in his final year. After graduating with a teaching degree in Graphics, he taught in country Victoria for several years. During this period he also held a number of exhibitions of his own work in Melbourne and Shepparton. These were in the areas of both painting and woodwork. In 1983, Rob along with his wife, Julia, and their children, Nina, Shelley and Nicholas, accepted a position in the Art Department at GGS Corio. Their fourth child, Tristan, arrived in 1985 while Rob, among other things, was a tutor in Perry House. He threw himself into all aspects of school life. In addition to a normal leaching load and duties in the House, he offered a range of activities to students including photography and model-making. Rob also coached sport and especially rowing. Rob contributed enormously to the Boat Club as a coach from 1983 till 1997. Under his expert tuition his crews learnt both to race well, and perhaps more importantly, to enjoy the challenges the sport offers. He coached a range of crews with some notable successes including Head of the River wins in the Boys 2nd VIII in 1986 and the Girls 1st IV in both 1990 and 1991. In 1986 Rob was asked by John Lewis to take over as Head of Connewarre House. His concern for his charges is legendary. Connewarre was always a vibrant and happy House under his gentle leadership. At the end of 1992, and with some regret, he stepped down from this position, owing to some unexpected heart problems. Never one to be idle, Rob re-examined his lifestyle and decided to extend his interest in two of his lifelong passions, namely working with wood and music. These combined perfectly in violin-making. A number of his instruments are used by students of the School and also by professionals outside the School. Rob will be fondly remembered by very many students for what he has inspired in them during their time at Corio.

Extract from the Corian 1997. Written by WRE.


WHPC membership is open to all people who support GGS Rowing. Many thanks to the 2018 school leavers who have recently joined, and we encourage those who have not yet signed up to jump on board. We also greatly encourage all parents to join, especially those whose children will soon be joining us from the TT group. 

The following have joined in the last 12 months:

Penny Allen
Tracey Atkins
Trisch Baker
Duncan Barber
Jess Barber
John Barber
Georgie Biggs - Year 12 Leaver
Heidi Blyth - Year 12 Leaver
Danielle Bond
Andrew Boyle
Courtney Brown - Year 12 Leaver
Scott Brumby
Susan Bufton
Will Burrell
Amanda Burt
Simon Burt
James Calvert-Jones
James Campbell - Year 12 Leaver
Lachlan Campbell - Year 12 Leaver
Damian Canny
Lucy Canny - Year 12 Leaver
Adam Cole
Christine Doughty
Nick Doughty - Year 12 Leaver
Jamie Forwood - Year 12 Leaver
Tom Fowler - Year 12 Leaver
Mieke Fowles - Year 12 Leaver
Daniela Friday
William Gorell - Year 12 Leaver
Samantha Hetrel
Andrew Homan
Eddie Jackson - Year 12 Leaver
John Jose
Indi Kebbell - Year 12 Leaver
Sybila Keogh - Year 12 Leaver
Georgie Langley
Happy Levy
Tex MacIntosh - Year 12 Leaver
Islay Mackenzie
James Mackenzie
Henry Maconochie - Year 12 Leaver
David Mactaggart
Emma Mactaggart
Georgie Manifold - Year 12 Leaver
Kate Martin
David McDonald
David McGlashan
Dugald McLachlan
Jim Middleton
David Mims
Michelle Mort
Mary Morton
Nick Moses
Lucy Needle
Knox Paton
Tom Peddie
Peter Perrignon
Jenny Pickard
Mark Pickard
Dougal Pithie - Year 12 Leaver
Mia Pithie
Eliza Radford - Year 12 Leaver
Stella Ren
Alice Ryan
Christian Ryan
Maxine Ryan
Camilla Shippen
Emma Shippen
Sam Slorach
Alison Watkins
Luki Weatherly
Alison Williams
Anna Wilson
Hamish Wynn-Pope - Year 12 Leaver

Welcome onboard!


Membership is by a one-off subscription only and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting rowing at the School, including current Year 12 Rowers. Over the last 12 months our membership numbers have grown to record levels; both in terms of total memberships (1601) and new members (75). Thank you and welcome to the WHPC.