Subject changes for Semester 2

The final date for subject changes for Semester 2 is 17th July. Students seeking to make a change need to check on the Portal as the blocking sheet provides information to determine if a space exists in a subject. Students then need to discuss this change with their parents and their Head of House. The Head of House will submit the appropriate request for a subject change to the Academic office. These requests are processed in the order of submission so the sooner the form is submitted, the more likely a change can occur. A number of students have already changed their subjects after the mid year examinations helped them to identify areas of strength and interest.

Subject choices for 2016

The Curriculum Guide 2016 should be available online by the end of June.

For current Year 11 students, most students are familiar with the subjects on offer although they should check the most recent details in the Curriculum Guide, particularly if they are selecting subjects that they have not studied in 2015. All Year 11 students will be asked to submit their subject choices for 2016 online during the first half of Term 3. If any student is wishing to select a subject that they have not studied in Year 11, the student needs to discuss this with the Head of Department.

Current Year 11 VCE students need to select five subjects for Year 12. 

Current Year 11 IB students need to confirm their three Higher Level subjects for Year 12. 

Some current Year 11 IB students choose to change to the VCE at the end of Year 11 for a range of reasons. After discussion with their parents, the students should discuss the suitability of this option with a number of people including the IB and VCE coordinators, the Head of Careers and their Head of House. (Specific advice regarding benchmarks for success in suitable Year 12 subjects are provided on the Portal). If a change is made, it cannot take place until after the end of year examinations when Year 12 classes for 2016 will commence.

For current Year 10 students, the subject choices will be submitted online prior to the mid-term exeat. There is quite an extensive period for consultation offered to students. The formal sessions occur in the second week of Term 3. There will be a presentation for all Year 10 students regarding the VCE and IB. To complement this presentation, the Subject Fair is held two weeks later on the evening of Tuesday 28th July. This provides students with the opportunity to ask questions of Heads of Department and subject teachers about the various subjects on offer in both the VCE and the IB.

For parents of Current Year 10 students. At the start of the year, a presentation was given to year 10 parents. This was complemented by a brief presentation at the Parent teacher Evening in March comparing VCE and IB. There will be a more comprehensive presentation for parents on the OGGs Careers Day on Sunday 2nd August. After students have made their initial selections, there is a brief presentation at 3:45pm prior to the Parent teacher evening on Thursday 13th August. This will be an opportunity for parents to seek further information, and if necessary, subjects can be changed until the end of Term 3. (After this time, the timetable is built and no further changes will be made until the end of Term 4.

Year 10 Students planning an exchange in Semester 2

A number of students are planning to participate in a language exchange during Semester 2. It is essential that each student completes the required paperwork where work is set to be completed by the student so that their preparation for Year 11 is not adversely affected by their absence from classes during Term 4. The procedure is clearly explained in the Language Exchange Booklet on the Portal. Each student needs to speak with the relevant Head of Department of the subjects that they are planning to study in 2016. They will be given specific work and it is the student’s responsibility to complete this work. This includes the Year 11 classes that occur after the end of year examinations in December. Failure to complete this work will mean that the student is ill-prepared for their studies in 2016. In the past, some students have not been able to pursue their selected subjects because they did not complete the set tasks during their exchange. After the student has collected the information and completed the necessary form, they need to make an appointment to meet with the Director of Learning. This appointment should take place no later than two weeks prior to the student’s final day at Corio.

Year 12 Academic Activities in Terms 3 and 4

Year 12 students will have holiday work to complete in each of their subjects. This sets a solid foundation for further learning as courses are completed during Term 3. It is a busy term as there are a large number of SACs for VCE students (and SATs in some courses). For the IB students, all of the Internal Assessment is finalised prior to the Practice examinations, so the holiday period should be filled with a lot of revision work. Practice examinations for both VCE and IB will be held from Monday 31st August. This provides students with a snapshot of ‘where they are’ and gives them the time and opportunity to work on their weaknesses prior to the final examinations in Term 4. Academic Activities are offered after exeat on most Wednesday afternoons and students are strongly encouraged to attend as many of these revision sessions as possible. A timetable will be published in the first few weeks of Term 3. For Year 12s, this is the time to optimise their learning environment and conditions and prepare themselves for the final assessment tasks. (Just as an athlete practises and hones their technique with specific exercises in preparation for competition).

Study groups for effective study

A growing number of senior students are embracing the idea of study groups. This allows students to work collaboratively in their revision processes, pooling their resources, and giving themselves the opportunity to articulate their ideas and thoughts and so develop a deeper understanding of their work. The composition, timing and structure of these groups varies according to individual needs. Students are encouraged to consider this avenue for effective revision, particularly if regular weekly sessions are organised by the students and they use the time well. This is in addition to the access provided to extra help from teachers at various times during the school week and weekends. Assistance is available to those who ask and for those who continue to strive to continually grow their talents.

Debbie Clingeleffer Woodford