Saturday - 4 August 2018
Doc Dunn Club AGM

Hawker Library, Corio Campus
12 noon start

Saturday - 4 August 2018
Doc Dunn Club Members
Social Function

Invitations will be forthcoming.
This function is for adult members only.

An image of the Doc Dunn Club logoDoc Dunn Club - June 15


Hi everyone,

As you receive this, it’s amazing to think that the Soccer Season is three quarters complete. How time flies! I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many matches as I look beyond the barbecue and I think we should all be really proud of our kids at GGS. The spirit and attitude shown, the grit and determination, and the sense of fair play are a testament to the school, the coaches and, more importantly, the students themselves. I can honestly say I’m proud to be president of a club assisting such a great bunch of kids, and their spirit and good cheer make me laugh and smile every time I watch them play.

Results on the pitch have been mixed this season. At the time of writing the First Girls have won 2 of 5 matches and have been very competitive. The First Boys have had a breakthrough win (3 - 0) against St Patrick's College, Ballarat, and have been desperately close and unlucky on a couple of other occasions. There are currently four to five Year 10 lads running around in the First Boys each week which bodes very well for the future and is a credit to the coaching staff in team development. Both Tony and Vaughan in charge of our First Teams are doing phenomenal jobs and the improvement shown by our First squads over the season has been fantastic and great to watch. The Year 10 A Boys, with several of their better players promoted, are fighting very hard – this is a team I really have enjoyed watching. It’s been tough for them, but they deserve real credit for the spirit they are showing and the amount of improvement from the lads. Their coaching staff have done a phenomenal job in just 8 weeks with the team – the change in their system and watching boys step up is really encouraging. The Middle School results continue to be very strong with more wins than losses. I must admit, I get just as much joy chatting to a player from a 4th or 6th team telling me of their wins and how pleased they are. Whilst winning isn’t everything, a smile for a breakthrough win around the barbecue just seems like a great reward for our coaching staff and kids.


What else is happening?


Soccer-DocDunn-bbq-signFirstly, I must thank Lou Spanos, Soccer TIC for his support in maximising the use of the Perry Oval. Every week he has ensured we have four matches on Perry and every child this season will hopefully get to play on the high quality Perry pitches.

Our barbecue keeps rolling along each week on Perry Oval. So far this season we’ve fed over 1,000 kids, coaches, parents, referees and visitors. A decision to base the barbecue at Perry has given us a home base and I’d just like to remind you that ALL players and parents are welcome and you should drop by and say hi under the Clock Tower. We’d love to see you! Whilst Biddlecombe and Kow Flat may seem like a long way away, it really is only a quick walk over to Perry and we’d like to support every team at GGS. I need to say a special thankyou to Helen McKenzie and Steve Worboys who have been stalwarts at the barbecue, but also to the numerous people who’ve helped and jumped in to grab the tongs.


We’ve sourced training tops for the First Girls with the kind help of the Merlatti family and they’ve been a great hit. Thanks also to Peter Bajer for his continued help in all things requiring design work for the Doc Dunn Club.



Soccer-Indigenous-RoundFrustratingly, the school’s order of another set of mobile goals has taken longer than we thought. Through the Club’s advocacy, the school has agreed to purchase these goals (thank-you Paul La Cava) with a view to utilising one of the rugby pitches for soccer when rugby teams are away. This will mean six matches every second week on Perry which helps build our community, as well as allowing every student (no matter which team they are in) to play on the beautiful main ovals and enjoy the nearby barbecue. Fingers crossed that the goals will arrive soon and we can increase our presence on Perry Oval. With over 210 students playing soccer – the biggest sport at GGS – it is a sport that deserves greater presence under the Clock Tower.


Our annual Social Function for adult Doc Dunn Club members and coaches is being held on Saturday August 4. All adult Doc Dunn Club Members and coaches will have their invitation emailed to them soon.


3rd Boys with Carey Grammar before the game - Indigenous Round - 2 June 2018


We invite all soccer coaches to put some thought into nominations for the 2018 Doc Dunn medal. This medal is for a girl and boy of any age group and any team at GGS each season who shows the Doc Dunn spirit of enthusiasm, dedication, team ethos and encouragement of team mates. Basically, the qualities our fantastic patron espoused in his 25 years with GGS Soccer. It’s a very fitting way to honour Peter Dunn’s legacy in how he built the soccer program at GGS and his governance. Our two winners of the Inaugural Medal in 2017 - as nominated by the coaches - were Sarah Thomas – from 2017 Year 7/8 Girls Team and Nik Azmid Mohamad Nor – from 2017 Year 10 B Boys Team. We look forward to receiving nominations for 2018. 


From a business point of view, the AGM of the Doc Dunn Club will be held on Saturday August 4 in the Hawker Library – 12 noon start. I’ll present a season review, we’ll discuss future plans, and elect office bearers for 2019 season. If anyone is keen to assist with the Committee, I’d strongly encourage you to come along. We are always looking for enthusiastic support and welcome any input, ideas, suggestions and even criticism if you think we can do better! AGM Notice will be emailed to all Doc Dunn Members and soccer parents at the start of July.


I know it’s another brazen plug for you to join, but membership is crucial to keeping us afloat and supporting our kids. Put simply – if you haven’t joined can I strongly encourage you to? Our Club will only grow with your help and input, and our financial and advocacy strength will only grow if people jump on-board. Joining is a simple process – simply click on this link - JOIN US FOR THE JOURNEY!     Family membership will get you a handsome-looking supporter’s kit of a scarf and beanie. Individual memberships are also available. We’d love to have you join us. The money we raise through membership drive is used to pay for the weekly BBQs, social functions, subsidised training tops, and to assist teams and coaches with any requirements.

Thanks to those who have joined this season, our stalwart members, my fantastic Committee for all their support, and to our great kids, coaches and parents. Meeting so many of you each week is a real pleasure and we are building a great soccer community at GGS. 

Bernie Creati
President, Doc Dunn Club




There are two membership options:

· A Family membership as a one off payment of AUD $210 which covers the entire duration of your child/children's time at GGS. For this you will receive a Doc Dunn Club beanie and scarf.

· An Individual Parent/Carer membership of AUD $150 - a one off payment which covers the entire duration of your child/children's time at GGS. For this you will receive either a Doc Dunn Club scarf OR beanie (your choice)

Follow the link to join online:
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Welcome to those who have joined the Doc Dunn Club this year:

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