For members of the Doc Dunn Club, put Saturday 4 August into your diary. The Doc Dunn Social function will be held on the last day of competition at our home (like last year), and all adult members are welcome. Further details will follow as we get closer to the date.


Director of Sport, Paul LaCava, has approached me and suggested we have a 'Meet the Coaches' event. Lou Spanos as TIC has invited all of the coaches to make themselves available after their games on Saturday 5 May at the barbecue if you would like to come along, say hello and introduce yourself.  This Saturday is a big day with both the Boys' and Girls' 1sts playing on Perry and I would encourage you all to come and support the teams, meet your coach and enjoy the barbecue.

From the President - Bernie Creati

Hello everyone!

1st XI fixture vs Melbourne Grammar School on April 21

Well the season has kicked off with gusto with 210 GGS students running around playing soccer for the winter. Soccer is once again the biggest sport at GGS (in terms of participation); it’s great to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment already from our great kids. Whilst competitive matches started for most teams last weekend, some teams are already up and flying. We held our first barbecue on Saturday 21 April, feeding 120 players, coaches and parents and it was great to see so many people. Slowly we are building a community and I would encourage you all to come and say hello at the barbecue each week and enjoy the chevapi we are serving.

There are a few things going on at the moment...


Year 10A Boys - 2018
Year 10A vs Melbourne Grammar School on April 21

Having looked at the season fixture and, with a slight decrease in soccer participants this year, it’s apparent there will be fewer matches played on Biddlecombe and Kow Flat. Under the guidance of our TIC, Lou Spanos, we’re trying to maximise the use of the Perry pitches with four matches (and even on some occasions six matches) to be played on Perry every weekend. We want everyone to have a chance to play under the Clocktower and enjoy the beautiful setting. The School will soon take delivery of another set of temporary goals (thanks to the work of Paul La Cava and Lou Spanos) which will allow us to utilise one of the Rugby pitches when they are playing away. We have run six matches on Perry on one weekend last year and it was a huge success. This is a great thing as it will help build our community and create a “hub” for soccer.



Because of the full utilisation of the Perry pitches, we’ve decided to run the barbecue exclusively at Perry Oval this year. Logistically it also makes things easier for the GGS ground staff and helps with the organisation of a coffee van too. Whilst we won’t have a barbecue presence at Biddlecombe or Kow Flat, I would encourage everyone to come over to Perry for a feed and to watch our 1st teams. Everyone in our soccer community is invited and we would love to see you.


Memberships are always open and available and I would encourage everyone to join if possible. Family membership comes with a club scarf and beanie, and the funds help us run barbecues, functions and to build our community. It is only through your support we can build the Doc Dunn Club and strengthen the presence of Soccer within the GGS community.

I’ll send another newsletter in the next three or four weeks as the season ramps up, but please come over and say hello at the barbecue and help support our fantastic kids playing the round ball game.


We are soon to take delivery of Fila training shirts for our Girls' teams if you are interested. I must thank again the Merlatti family who have been very kind in sourcing the shirts for us at a hugely discounted price and helping us. Their support over the last three years has been simply fantastic and myself and the Committee are hugely appreciative.