The John Landy Club is the School’s Athletics Support Group, the Committee of which is David Henry (President), Trudy Maxwell (Vice President), Ian Coltman (Secretary), Liz Palmer, Zara Brookes, Belinda Henry, Will Burrell, Robina Maconochie and Stella Ren.

The Committee welcomes any parents who would like to become involved in the Club and help support our young athletes.


The President and Committee of the John Landy Club invite all parents, former students and teachers, and all supporters of GGS Athletics to our semi annual Cocktail Party on Wednesday 12 October (Wednesday before the Combined APS Sports) at Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club. Invitations will be emailed shortly with bookings taken online on the Events page.


Younger readers may be unfamiliar with John Landy AC CVO MBE (M'48). John was a student at Geelong Grammar from 1945 - 48. After leaving the school, he became a renowned middle distance runner breaking a number of world records and winning numerous international titles during the 1950s. In Helsinki in 1954, he became the second person in history to break the 4 minute mile, in the world record time of 3:58.

In 1956, in the 1500 metres final of the Australian National Championships, Ron Clarke fell after another runner clipped his heel. In a remarkable display of sportsmanship, John doubled back to help Clarke to his feet and in the final two laps made up lost ground to win the race. John went on to win bronze in the 1500 metres at the Melbourne Olympics.

From 2001 to 2006, John was Governor of Victoria. 

John Landy, 100 Exceptional Stories



The smell of fresh cut grass hangs in the air and the line markers have laid down the lanes, which means that once again a great sporting event is upon us - the GGS Athletics Carnival at CoRio. This year’s Athletics Day is on Sunday 11 September 2016.

Our games see the 10 tribes of Senior School, the many tribes of Timbertop, Middle School, Toorak and Bostock come together in the pursuit of sporting glory on the hallowed fields of CoRio.

Unlike those other games, no ban has been placed on any of our tribes (despite lingering doubts about Cuthy  ;-)  Unlike those other games, spectators at CoRio can enjoy the competition without another message from our sponsor, although you may be asked to sponsor a runner in the Lorne 160, 24 hour charity run. 

The John Landy Club Committee look forward to seeing you on the day and invite you to come along to our tent and introduce yourself if you wish to become involved in supporting our athletes.


Athletics trophies on offer at this Sunday's Whole School Aths Day



Since late July our young athletes have been engaged in either Qualies (qualifications) or the John Landy Squad. Those doing Qualies have been pushing themselves for PBs with an eye to the upcoming Aths Day. Those in the Squad have been competing on Saturday mornings at Landy Field (on the banks of the Barwon) against various other APS schools, with an eye to the Combined APS Sports comp. The APS Sports will be held at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, on Saturday 15 October 2016.


Our Athletics Captains this year are Lauren Ryan and Lucas Shugg, and our Vice Captains are Olivia McFarlane and Sam Hodge. The Teacher in Charge of Athletics is David Chaney.

The John Landy Club recognises some outstanding successes by our athletes already this year. In particular, Lauren Ryan (pictured left) won a silver medal at the World Schools Cross-Country Championships in Hungary in April.

On 31 August, our students also won medals at the Athletics Victoria Relay Championships and were overall school winners. The impressive results included:

  • Boys' U20 Medley relay won gold (Lochie O’Brien, Hutton Wells, Sam Hodge, Lucas Shugg)
  • Boys’ U20 4X800 relay won gold (Sam Hodge, Lucas Shugg, Ben Chaney, Christian Davis)

GGS finished as the overall school winners with 49 points. The next closest was Caulfield Grammar School with 36 points.

Congratulations to all involved.


While watching our runners at the Athletics Carnival, here’s something to ponder: 

As well as giving us the Olympics, the ancient Greeks laid the foundations of Western philosophy, and one of those great philosophers, Zeno of Elea (ca. 490-430BC), came up with a series of problems that we know today as “Zeno’s Paradoxes”. 

The most famous of his paradoxes postulates that in a race between Achilles and a tortoise, in which the tortoise has (let’s say) 100 metres head start, Achilles can never catch the tortoise. You see for Achilles to catch the tortoise, he must first reach the point at which the tortoise started, by which time the tortoise has moved on to a new spot. By the time Achilles reaches the new spot, the tortoise has moved ahead again. And by the time Achilles gets to the next spot… well you get the idea. 

Anyway, the ancient Greeks, clever people that that they were, concluded that poor Achilles, on a path of infinite regression, could never catch the wily old tortoise with logic on its side. 
Fortunately no one has told Usain Bolt about Zeno’s Paradox. 

So while watching our athletes on Sunday, you should marvel not only at their athletic ability, but also their ability to overcome logic.

Postscript: Let me leave you with this final thought: With a few little tweaks, perhaps one of Zeno’s Paradoxes might be a solution to Greece’s current financial woes. But then again, perhaps it was one of Zeno’s paradoxes that got them in such strife in the first place.

We look forward to seeing you at the GGS Athletics Carnival this Sunday!




The John Landy Squad has enjoyed a strong start to the Athletics season.

Since the fourth week of Term 3 and the conclusion of winter sport, the Main Oval at Corio has been abuzz with activity as Middle School students and Senior School students run and jump and throw in preparation for what comes soon. While the John Landy Squad has competed in a number of APS fixtures this season, we are quickly coming to the business end of the season. It is always a highlight to see how JLS athletes fare in front of the GGS community and to see that their hard work and focus can reap their respective Houses, and the School, rewards.  

During the upcoming school holidays there will be an Athletics camp. For students needing to travel a great distance to GGS, it starts on Friday (30 September) in the evening.  For others, it begins with a meet at Lakeside Stadium on the morning of 1 October.  The camp will conclude on Monday 3 October in time for Timbertop students to travel by bus to Timbertop. All Senior School students have been emailed information regarding the camp. Parents interested in learning more should speak with their JLS athlete. 

I am very pleased to have taken over the role as TIC of Athletics from Steve Andrew this year and have enjoyed watching our athletes and coaches work together to get the best out of the students. There are terrific groups of people in Athletics and we are lucky to have Bruce Scriven and his team teaching and coaching GGS students.

Please allow me to wish all of the JLS athletes the best of luck in House Athletics.  

David Chaney
TIC of Athletics 


Membership to the Landy Club is by Individual one-off subscription only and is open to all Parents, Old Geelong Grammarians and supporters of Athletics at Geelong Grammar. 

Membership comes with either a Club tie or a visor.