The John Landy Club is the School’s Athletics Support Group, the Committee of which is David Henry (President), Ian Coltman (Secretary) as well as Will Burrell, Belinda Henry, Liz Palmer and Stella Ren. 

The Committee welcomes any parents who would like to become involved in the Club and help support our young athletes.

The general aims, role and purpose of The John Landy Club are:
(a) To foster, encourage and develop athletics throughout the school
(b) To assist in the purchase of equipment and facilities
(c) To assist in all aspects of coaching


Membership to the Landy Club is by Individual one-off subscription only and is open to all Parents, Old Geelong Grammarians and supporters of Athletics at Geelong Grammar. 

Membership comes with either a Club tie or a visor.


Younger readers may be unfamiliar with John Landy AC CVO MBE (M'48). John was a student at Geelong Grammar from 1945 - 48. After leaving the school, he became a renowned middle distance runner breaking a number of world records and winning numerous international titles during the 1950s. In Helsinki in 1954, he became the second person in history to break the 4 minute mile, in the world record time of 3:58.

In 1956, in the 1500 metres final of the Australian National Championships, Ron Clarke fell after another runner clipped his heel. In a remarkable display of sportsmanship, John doubled back to help Clarke to his feet and in the final two laps made up lost ground to win the race. John went on to win bronze in the 1500 metres at the Melbourne Olympics.

From 2001 to 2006, John was Governor of Victoria. 

John Landy, 100 Exceptional Stories


01 August 2019


Welcome to the John Landy Club August 2019 Presidents' update.


We had the JLC marquee on the lawn at the SPACE as we have done each Family Day since 2016. Being positioned near the Duathlon finishing line has been a great success. It is the perfect venue. We were kept busy from 2:30pm until after 4:30pm answering questions from interested parents, students and visitors. We signed up some new members on the spot and many took entry forms away with them. Thank you to those who were able to assist in manning the marquee.


As we approach the Athletics Season I note some important dates:

Saturday 14th September - TT Students Athletics at Corio
Sunday 15th September - Whole School Athletics Carnival at Corio
Wednesday 16th October - Combined APS Athletics Sports - Heats, Boys - Lakeside Oval
Saturday 19th September - Combined APS Athletics Sports Finals, Boys and Girls - Lakeside Oval

The JLC committee would like to invite all JLC members to attend any of these events. Those of you who have not been to Corio for some time you will see some new buildings, as well as those that you are so familiar with. 


Sunday 15 September

For those attending the Whole School Athletics Carnival, the day starts at 9:30am with a Thanksgiving Service on the Dining Hall lawn. The first event gets underway at 10:15am. There is a lunch break from 1pm to 1:50pm, and you will find a range of food vendors on site. Most are located on the road in front of the Dining Hall, some are based near the scoreboard, and the range on offer includes coffee, ice cream, pizza to Asian foods, something for everyone. There are tables and chairs set up on the road under and around the oak tree.

Aths-Day-patrons-Thumbnail Aths-High-Jump-Thumbnail


A number of Senior Students are training hard with the goal of qualifying for the World U20 Athletics Championships, to be held in the Mio International Sports Centre, Nairobi, Kenya in July next year. Those that are successful will be competing in front of crowds of up to 60,000. We will be watching the results with great interest 


Along with the cold weather, the Athletics Season is approaching fast. The winter sports have a mere one week left and hype around the John Landy Squad is beginning to surface.

Positive achievements are a prime example of how consistent dedication to training can lead to outstanding results. Athletics is a great way to meet new people and experience a range of different events suitable to you.

The Senior School’s John Landy Squad will begin training on Monday August 5 and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The selection for the Middle School John Landy Squad will occur over the coming weeks once students have had a chance to train in both Track and Field events. They will then train alongside the Senior School students on August 8.

We are fortunate, again, to have a dedicated team of professional coaches working with us. Led by the experienced Bruce Scriven, the coaching team includes GGS Staff as well as external athletics coaches. Mr David Chaney is the TIC of Athletics.

A great way to keep up with the events and competitions of the team is to follow the “John Landy Squad” page on Facebook or Instagram. Along with key dates, the page will also contain highlights of the season.

The John Landy Squad will compete in a number of APS fixtures this season. Three of these events will be in Geelong, at Landy Field. The schools that compete at Landy Field are: GGS, Carey Grammar School, Caulfield Grammar School, The Geelong College and Wesley College. The APS Athletics Day is the biggest event of the season and will be held at Lakeside Stadium on October 19.

With pre-season well underway, we are hoping for another year of committed athletes. Given our training this season, I believe we will be seeing many PBs from the boys and girls.

Mia Gross (Year 12 Fr)
Girls’ Athletics Captain 2019



The 2019 John Landy Squad (JLS) Athletics Season starts soon and preparations have been underway for some time. Our first training session with Senior School students will be Monday 5 August with Middle School students beginning a week of trials the next day. Captains have been appointed, coaches organised, and the grounds ready to make the transition from winter season to the Main Oval and Perry Oval tracks. It is an exciting time.

This year we have Nick Henry (Year 12 FB) and Mia Gross (Year 12 Fr) as the Squad Captains and they will be supported by Lucy Wischer (Year 12 A) and Tynan Mims (Year 12 P). All have lengthy and successful JLS Athletics careers and have set fine examples in the past with their commitment and dedication to our sport. Nick and Mia have excelled in the sprints, Tynan has been an outstanding Cross Country and distance runner, and Lucy a fine jumper and hurdler. As TIC, I am looking forward to working with them this year.

Bruce Scriven returns as our Head Coach and with him he brings a group of experienced and knowledgeable coaches to work with our athletes who will join the teaching staff who themselves have a high level of skill in Athletics.

Some highlights of the upcoming season include a series of meets at school pitting two Houses of Year 10 students against two other Houses of Year 10s in a co-educational dual meet. We will be competing in the Athletics Victoria State Relay Championship and a local Geelong schools meet in addition to the regular Saturday morning Landy Field meets and the high-level Term 4 competitions in Melbourne.

There are several records under threat this year in a variety of events and it looks to be a promising season. Any that wish to follow JLS results should check the GGS Portal as well as the John Landy Squad Facebook and Instagram pages.

Lastly, I would like to add that the continued support of the John Landy Club is much appreciated by the students involved. A tradition has been started that those that earn a spot on the Term 4 Athletics team are awarded a JLS warm up top which is generously provided by the Club. David Henry’s work, as well as other members of the group, is highly valued.

I do hope that you enjoy the upcoming season.  

David Chaney
TIC of Athletics