Parents and teachers share the mingled joys and agonies of emerging character and personality as their children or pupils grow. Nothing is more important in human life than to help that growth go right, although what is right for each individual varies enormously and is only gradually, seldom fully, apparent. Elders need, amid all the demands and discipline of mentoring, to remain open to illumination: to light from both within and without - the light of experience and insight, but also the light of inspiration and what I believe to be the operations of providence.

A big, experienced, quietly confident (but not over-confident) school, with a huge diversity of staff and offerings, is crucial at times to the emergence of character: the reality, and realism, of what a person can be, as distinct from the pretence of mere "coolness" that tempts insidiously along the way through the years of adolescence. GGS, particularly through Timbertop, is well placed to foster such an emergence.

The Biddlecombe Society - by encouraging bequests that in due time will help greatly, even crucially, to keep the School going, with its mingled idealism and realism - is increasingly important: important not least to the offering of scholarships (of several kinds in recognition of the diversity of gifts that need nourishing). Those who join the Society are infinitely precious to us who love the School and who believe in its importance as a servant - and a leader through service - in a world increasingly beset with uncertainty. The lives that are young today will be filled with opportunities to lead and serve with gentle wisdom - an influence stronger than that of money or conventional power, though both these forces, when rightly seen as means rather than ends, can of course be potent for good.

Bless you, as a present or possible member of the Biddlecombe Society: bless you for being there with your great help. You cannot fully know what your support means to us now - or what it will mean in the future through lives still to unfold.

Michael Collins Persse MVO, OAM, Honorary President (GGS Staff since 1955)

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From the Chairman
I am delighted that there is a growing awareness of the Biddlecombe Society and an increasing understanding of the fact that a bequest will help to support the School in years and decades to come.
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