Markela-Peck2017Since inception back in August 2012, the PPN has engaged over 1,000 past parents. 
I would like to thank PPN members for joining me on this voyage of discovery and the PPN Committee for making the effort to attend meetings and contribute their ideas.
I would like in particular to acknowledge the support of outgoing Co-Chair Cathie Kemp. Cathie has worked tirelessly in every area of the PPN’s activity, including masterminding the production of our Statement of Purpose. Working alongside me, and in the most calming manner, Cathie has provided me with constant support. 

I would like to thank the Hong Kong team for operation of the PPN’s first off-shore Chapter; our founders – Brigid Robertson, Sally Kincaid and Cathie Vickers-Willis - for their support and guidance. Last but not least I would like to thank Simon Peck for supporting my PPN responsibilities in Australia and in Hong Kong.

2018 brings with it a changing of the guard and I welcome with open arms, and look forward to working with, my new Co-Chair, Sally Kincaid. Sally has been involved with GGS since her son Jack (P'11) started at Glamorgan in Year 5 (Glamorgan School Captain 2004). She was a founding member of the Arts Support Group, and has served on the committee of the John Lewis Club (rugby). She was also instrumental in the revival of the Hockey Support Group in 2011. Currently, Sally is the CEO of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, and on the Board of the Allied Health Professionals Australia. 

The old year is nearly over. I wish all members of our community peace this festive season and health and happiness in the year ahead. 

Markela Sargeant-Peck
Past Parents' Network Co-Chair
December 2017


The Annual General Meeting of the Past Parent’s Network was held on Sunday 19 November 2017 at Kyneton, Victoria. PPN Co-Chair Cathie Kemp opened the meeting, welcomed those in attendance and noted apologies.
Inter alia the meeting thanked the School for its ongoing support and noted, in particular, the outstanding contribution of Support Group and Event Coordinator Iga Bajer. The meeting received and approved the PPN Co-Chairs’ Annual Report and its Treasurer’s Report.
PPN Co-Chair Cathie Kemp announced she would not be standing for re-election or for membership of the PPN Committee of Management. The meeting expressed its deep appreciation to Cathie for all the time, energy and enthusiasm she had given to the PPN since its inception.

The following were elected, or re-elected to the PPN Committee of Management.

Co-Chair: Markela Sargent-Peck
Co-Chair: Sally Kincaid
Treasurer: Elizabeth Redfern
Secretary: Sandie Foster

Newsletter Editor: Leslie O’Brien
Social Media: Jennifer Teh
Public Relations:  Julie-Anne Gibney
Committee: Sarah Watts, Pene Patrick, Maggie Duff, Shadda Abercrombie, Jennifer Teh, Fiona Lowe]


There are over 12,000 people - all past parents - out there, and finally we are giving those who want to remain in touch with the extraordinary, prodigious, successful place called Geelong Grammar School the opportunity to continue their connection with lots of other wonderful people and the school itself. 

Cathie Kemp
Outgoing PPN Co-Chair

Full copy of the PPN AGM Meeting Minutes (PDF 905.5KB) is attached here.

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