Geelong Grammar School is more than an educational institution, it is also a community that spans generations and national boundaries.

The Old Geelong Grammarians network is a natural extension of the desire of many to preserve and deepen the relationships they developed during their school years. The Past Parents’ Network is a parallel organisation. Formed in 2012, its aim is ‘to connect and keep connected those people not now connected to the school in any other way’. It allows past GGS parents to maintain existing friendships and develop new ones, share news, and generally keep in touch with the broader school community. Its main means of communication are emails from the school, this newsletter and a social media platform.

The PPN’s current social calendar centres on an autumn cocktail function, held each year in the Greater Melbourne area, and a spring function in the country. Its Hong Kong Chapter holds an annual social function – not to be missed by those who might be passing through the SAR at that time. Besides these annual events the network has held occasional functions and is very open to the suggestion of more. The PPN offers as wide a range of possibilities as past parents might want to create.

The PPN is a loose collective of amazing people, doing wonderful things over and above their identity as Past Parents. The newsletter tries to capture some of this. We have artists, designers, diplomats, engineers, farmers, horticulturalists and writers in our midst. In 2015 the PPN Newsletter began a series of Feature Articles aimed at shining a small light on the life of some of our members. We highlighted the work of Hong Kong Chapter member and renowned photographer Kitty Chou; we featured, and later updated, the work Gilbert and Janie Habla are doing to introduce their environmentally sustainable clay brick firing technology into the developing world; we wrote something of the story of Lady Janice Wise whose links to the school date back nearly half a century; we found out what motivated Hong Kong based photographer and writer Guy Nowell to return to the Timbertop trails with his son; and we learned of the work and other passions of film maker and director Pene Patrick; in this edition we feature Rory Argyle OAM, Perth-based lawyer, businessman and keen rower. The newsletter is open to suggestions about other Past Parents we might feature. We would also welcome any autobiographical pieces you might care to submit.

The PPN’s newsletter is very much a collective effort. As current Editor I would like to thank all those who contributed to this particular and all earlier editions. I want to thank all those talented and busy people who have been kind enough to allow me to interview them. The interviews have been a pleasure and a privilege. And as we race towards the end of the year, my best wishes to you and your family for the coming festive season and for 2019. May we all be the best we can be.

Editor-in-Chief PPN Newsletter

Previous (recent) editions of the PPN Newsletter are available on the GGS website: www.ggs.vic.edu.au/School/Past-Parents

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