The invitation to the PPN’s annual spring luncheon promised an event not to be missed. It did not disappoint. The function was held on a property known as Elgee Park, the oldest vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. The vineyard and associated horse breeding activities are set in a magnificent environment. We were fortunate to have been in the midst of all this on a wonderfully warm late spring day. We saw Quarter Horses with two-day-old foals. We were guided through a collection of more than forty sculptures placed throughout the gardens, that delighted the eyes and intrigued the mind. We enjoyed a splendid luncheon in ‘The Stables’, a function facility whose walls were hung with a wide variety of beautiful indigenous Australian art.

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The PPN’s focus is about connecting, about sharing and about friendship. Its social functions are really jolly events that aim to meet these objectives, providing an opportunity to renew old friendships and meet new and interesting people. The PPN is replete with interesting people replete with talent and a wide variety of views about the world. PPN functions are lively and filled with laughter but also provide a quiet corner for those in our midst who enjoy reflection.

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PPN functions generally comprise a combination of catered food and platters kindly provided by members of the PPN Committee. A small attendance fee and a contribution from the School help offset the cost of food and wine.

Spring luncheon at Elgee Park was a splendid affair. We enjoyed a wide variety of wines, crusty breads, nutritious and tasty warm foods and, of course, salads. Just when it seemed another mouthful would be impossible then one just had to force oneself to eat cake.

PPN-ElgeePark2018_19 PPN-ElgeePark2018_20 PPN-ElgeePark2018_21 PPN-ElgeePark2018_22 PPN-ElgeePark2018_23 PPN-ElgeePark2018_26 PPN-ElgeePark2018_27 PPN-ElgeePark2018_28 PPN-ElgeePark2018_29 PPN-ElgeePark2018_30PPN-ElgeePark2018_30 PPN-ElgeePark2018_31

Since its formation, the PPN has had enormous support from those amongst us able and willing to throw open their homes and gardens for our functions. The PPN Co-Chairs and every member of its Committee would like to acknowledge this past and current generosity that sustains our social existence.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the hosts, Bails (FB'43) and Sarah Myer for allowing us to use their magnificent estate for our 2018 spring function. It was the first PPN event on the Mornington Peninsula and provided us with a unique opportunity to view a sculpture garden and a private art collection We would also like to say a special thanks to Lawrence Tedesco, Elgee Park General Manager and his staff for the time and effort they took to make our function possible. We found Lawrence’s overview of the scope and operation of the property to be particularly valuable.

Congratulations to our Co-Chairs for their insight in identifying this wonderful venue for our spring function, and their determination that made it happen. Thank you once again Markela for your generosity in supplying our function with an abundance of bubbly. Thank you PPN Committee members for their generosity in providing the cakes, deserts, cheese and fruit that adorned our buffet table. Finally, a huge thank you to all the Past Parents who attended our spring luncheon at Elgee Park.

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