The following people make up the WH Pincott Club Committee:

Clive Jamieson – President
Maryjane Crabtree – Vice-President
Kim Baker – Hon. Secretary
Ed Gill – Treasurer
Bec Manifold – Committee Member
Sonia Ritchie Kent - Committee Member


With the 2018 rowing season underway, the WH Pincott Club will continue its annual fundraising program. Following on from a very successful 2016 and 2017, the WHPC is again hard at work. Funds raised go towards the purchase of new equipment in line with our boat turnover plan, which includes rolling over older equipment and making new purchases to ensure we have a high standard of equipment throughout the boat shed. 

Our GGS rowing community has been very generous to date and some of the equipment our rowers are currently using are due to its support. We encourage our current community to join in that effort and assist us to buy equipment for our current and future rowing students.

Clive Jamieson and Sonia Kent are currently finalising fundraising information with more information to come soon. 

Tax deductable donations can be made via the WHPC link to the ASF website ONLINE

LATEST YEAR 10 OAR COUNT -  5 donated oars


22 March 2018 - WH Pincott Club Annual Decade Crews Dinner - Bookings are now open

24 March 2018 - Head of the River Regatta Luncheon - Bookings are now open

25 March 2018Boat Club Luncheon - Bookings are now open



Dear Members and GGS Rowing Families,

Welcome to rowing at GGS in 2018, with a special welcome to families new to rowing this year. Our rowing community is extensive, friendly and inclusive and we look forward to getting to know you as we cheer our crews on throughout the season. 
The WH Pincott Club (WHPC) is the support group for rowing at GGS and includes past rowers, current and past parents, staff and friends. Membership is by subscription and we invite you to join the WH Pincott Club - see links to the right.

Modern racing equipment is vital for our crews to ensure a “level playing field” on race day and the WH Pincott Club is continually seeking to assist the School in upgrading the GGS Boat Club fleet and ancillary equipment. The Director of Rowing has implemented an equipment turn over plan that will provide new and competitive equipment to benefit all senior school rowers. Our goal is to raise funds to support this and continue to grow the participation and competitiveness of the boat club. 
You will receive more information about this in the coming weeks and we are always delighted to hear from anyone interested in supporting this goal. We are registered with the Australian Sports Foundation Fund and all donations through the WHPC are fully tax deductible.

With a full program of regattas on the calendar between now and the APS Heads of the River, we look forward to seeing lots of supporters cheering on our crews each week. WHPC committee members attend all regattas and will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding the WH Pincott Club and assist you with memberships. In the meantime, please find attached an electronic version of our Rowing Brochure (PDF 380.4KB) for this year. We hope you will find it useful.

We recommend that you join our Facebook page - W.H. Pincott Club - it’s updated regularly with rowing information and photos and is the main “go to” for parents and supporters.

Best wishes to all our crews and rowing community for a successful season and we look forward to seeing you on the river banks.

The WH Pincott Club Committee


Geoff Hunter & Greg Earl

Geoff HunterLast year saw the retirement of two of the School’s most dedicated members of staff, Geoff Hunter and Greg Earl. Both had given outstanding service to the School over many years, and especially so to the Geelong Grammar School Boat Club. In recognition of their enormous contribution to the sport of rowing at the School, and their exceptional support of the Boys and Girls who row for the “Old Light Blue”, both were awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Club.

Geoff taught at the School for 27 years and was the School’s Director of Rowing for 21 years (1991 to 2005 and 2011 to 2016). During this time he coached numerous Girls and Boys Crews, a herculean effort when one considers the time consuming nature of the role of Director of Rowing and the heavy responsibility that goes with that position.

Geoff coached or co-coached fifteen Boys First Crews and nine Girls First Crews. One of his Boys Crews (1994) won the Head of the River, five of his Girls Crews won the Head of the River (1996, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2001), two of his Girls Crews won the Schoolgirl Fours Division 1 at the Head of the Schoolgirls (1996 and 1997), four of his Girls Crews won the Schoolgirl Eights Division 1 at the Head of the Schoolgirls (1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001), two of his Girls Crews won the Championship Schoolgirl Fours at the Australian Rowing Championships (1994 and 1996) and two, the Champion Schoolgirl Eights at the Australian Rowing Championships (1998 and 2001). Geoff is the only person to have ever coached both Boys and Girls winning Head of the River First Crews. Greg-Earl-Boatman

Greg was the School Boatman for some 32 years, a remarkable period of time to be in such a demanding and vitally important role. Putting his great skills as a master boat builder to work Greg looked after and maintained the School Fleet to the highest standards possible during his time as Boatman. His work included the building of many boats for the School, as well as the carrying out of repairs to the Boat Club fleet. His special skills at boat rigging, and the fine tuning of racing shells and oars, ensured that the School’s rowers were always able to perform at their very best. His work for the Boat Club also included the transporting of boats to and from regattas all over Victoria and often interstate. Greg also helped with the transport and setting up of Pincott Club tents, and numerous other tasks such as the preparation of presentation oars. While still working for Sykes and Co. Boatbuilders in the early 1980’s, he helped the School out by coaching the Girls Third Four one year. His Crew went on to score a resounding victory at the “Junior Head of the River”. After Greg joined the School staff, he also coached the Boys Fifth Crew for two years in 1986 and 1987. 

Pictured above: Greg Earl accepting a commemorative oar at 2017 House Regatta.


WHPC membership is open to all people who support GGS Rowing. Many thanks to the 2017 school leavers who have recently joined, and we encourage those who have not yet signed up to jump on board. We also greatly encourage all parents to join, especially those whose children have joined us from TT. 

The following have joined since the start of this year:

Atkins, Tracey
Barber, Duncan
Barber, John
Blyth, Heidi (Year 12 Rower)
Bond, Danielle
Boyle, Andrew
Doughty, Christine
Forwood, Jamie (Year 12 Rower)
Fowler, Tom (Year 12 Rower)
Friday, Daniela
Jose, John
Kebbell, Indi (Year 12 Rower)
Keogh, Sybila (Year 12 Rower)
Langley, Georgie
Maconochie, Henry (Year 12 Rower)
Mactaggart, David
McDonald, David
Morton, Mary
Peddie, Tom
Pithie, Dougal (Year 12 Rower)
Radford, Eliza (Year 12 Rower)
Slorach, Sam
Watkins, Alison
Weatherly, Luki
Williams, Alison
Wilson, Anna

Welcome onboard!


Membership is by a one-off subscription only and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting rowing at the School, including current Year 12 Rowers.