The following people make up the WH Pincott Club Committee:

Clive Jamieson – President
Maryjane Crabtree – Vice-President
Kim Baker – Hon. Secretary
Ed Gill – Treasurer
Bec Manifold – Committee Member
Sonia Ritchie Kent - Committee Member


As part of the GGS equipment turnover plan, the following equipment is for sale to the rowing community:
- 5 x 2005 Sykes Single Sculls. Quick release riggers, clog stretchers. $2,500 each.

Contact Clive Jamieson (M) 0418 528 599; stonypoint@stonypoint.com.au for further details.


We ask for the support of the community in raising funds for the following:
- 4 x Senior girls sweep oars - $850 each
- Slushie recovery machine - $2,400 
- Shipping container for middle school rowing program storage - $4,600

Contact Clive Jamieson (M) 0418 528 599; stonypoint@stonypoint.com.au for further details.


The GGS Girls 1st Crews have never lost the HOR race in a year ending with “8”:

HOR winners
HoSG winners
Victorian Champions
National Champions

HOR winners
HoSG winners
Victorian Champions
National Champions

HOR winners

HOR winners
Victorian Champions
HoSG (Cancelled)
Nationals (unable to compete due to HOR clash)



We have arrived at the end of the 2018 APS Rowing Season - a short season with all crews experiencing highs and lows.

Congratulations to all our GGS Rowing Students who have given their best to the wonderful sport of rowing. Head of the River races are very hard to win, so we congratulate those winning crews.

Yet again a fantastic job done by Toby Lister and his Boatshed Team. Many hundreds of hours go into the planning of a rowing season and the WH Pincott Club thank the dedicated GGS staff very much. My personal thanks to the Committee and parents who have also given their time. The GGS Rowing would not be the same without your help.

During the season the Committee were busy selling merchandise and collecting much appreciated donations:
Merchandise sales totalled $3,350
HOR donations $225
Fundraising donations $35,000

We are entering a very exciting time for GGS Rowing. Toby has identified a number of areas where significant capital expenditure is required. I thank those who have kindly donated to the WHPC and encourage those who wish to see GGS Rowing succeed to make a tax deductible donation. These can be made via the WHPC link to the ASF website ONLINE

Please feel welcome to contact me with WH Pincott Club matters.

Clive Jamieson
President, WH Pincott Club Inc.

(M) 0418 528 599
(E) stonypoint@stonypoint.com.au



Geelong Grammar School’s rowing season was another season of successes, fine crews, personal achievements, and teamwork. Over the course of the season numbers varied between 160-200 students from Middle School to Senior School. Racing and training again this season was spread wide and far across Victoria and New South Wales. 

The culture of our program is cohesive and inclusive which has shown with improved participation numbers and overall ongoing growth. It has been encouraging to see the students embracing the team environment and the direction of the program.

Regarding our crews' performances, there were wins and losses, but pride of the students' hard work and dedication shone through both within our program and opposition crews. On the water our rowers raced with pride, skill and determination earning the respect of their opposition. Again this season we had over 20 crews racing in the program in Term 1. All crews were competitive in their divisions with several highlights being experienced at the Victorian State Championships. The Girls First VIII winning, the Boys First VIII finishing second, Girls Second VIII finishing third and all Boys Year 10 VIII’s receiving medals, and 3 out of 6 Year 10 Girls Fours also coming away with top three finishes.

Thank you to all parents for your ongoing support and especially the behind the scenes work of the WH Pincott Club Committee. The highlight of the season were a number of community barbeques and fundraisers to ensure the students are able to compete in the best equipment available.

APS Head of the River Report:

The APS Heads of the River regatta was played out in windy and wet conditions on Saturday 24th March, with racing being postponed at one point due to the unsafe conditions. Geelong Grammar had a very successful day with victories in the Girls 1st and 3rd VIII’s as well as Year 10 Division 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the coxed fours. Our boys were competitive across all races, with exciting future prospects.







Year 10

Boys 1st VIII


Girls A 4+

2nd (Div 1)

Girls 1st VIII


Girls B 4+

1st (Div 2)

Boys 2nd VIII


Girls C 4+

3rd (Div 3)

Girls 2nd VIII


Girls D 4+

1st (Div 4)

Boys 3rd VIII


Girls E 4+

1st (Div 5)

Girls 3rd VIII


Girls F 4+

2nd (Div 5)

Boys 4th VIII


Girls G 4+

1st (Div 6)

Girls 4th VIII

3rd (Div 3)

Girls H 4+

3rd (Div 6)

Boys 5th VIII

4th (Div 4)

Girls I 4+

4th (Div 6)

Boys A 8+

4th (B Final)

Boys B 8+

3rd (B Final)

Boys C 8+

2nd (B Final)

Boys 4+


Rowing beyond GGS:

Congratulations to Hamish Wynn-Pope (Yr 12 Cu) (2017/2018 Boy Captain of Boats) for his selection into the Australian Junior Rowing Team. Hamish has teamed up with The Geelong College student Jack Thornton to compete in the Men’s pair event at the World Championships, Czech Republic in August.

Kirstie Green (A’15) has been selected to the Australian U21 Rowing Team. Kirstie will compete in a two-part Trans-Tasman series in August. 

Maddison Brown (EM’15) recently finished the regular season with a huge win over Stanford while rowing for the University of California, Berkeley. Maddison rowed in the 1st Varsity Eight and with her crew they look to finish the season off strongly.

After a strong season, I look forward to seeing what the 2018/19 crews are able to produce with great improvement this season from Middle School through to Senior School.

Toby Lister
Director of Rowing


WHPC membership is open to all people who support GGS Rowing. We encourage those who have not yet signed up to jump on board. We also greatly encourage all parents to join, especially those whose children have joined us from TT. 

The following have joined since November 2017:

a'Beckett Camilla
Allen Penny
Atkins Andrew
Atkins Tracey
Baker Trisch
Barber Duncan
Biggs Julie
Blyth Heidi (Year 12 Rower)
Bond Danielle
Boyle Andrew
Brumby Scott
Bufton Susan
Burt Amanda
Burt Simon
Canny Damian
Canny Lucy (Year 12 Rower)
Cole Adam
Doughty Christine
Doughty Nick (Year 12 Rower)
Forwood Jamie (Year 12 Rower)
Fowler Michael
Fowler Tom (Year 12 Rower)
Fowles Mieke (Year 12 Rower)
Friday Daniela
Gillies Charles
Gorell William (Year 12 Rower)
Hetrel Samantha
Homan Andrew
Jackson Eddie (Year 12 Rower)
Kebbell Indi (Year 12 Rower)
Keogh Sybila (Year 12 Rower)
Langley Georgie
Levy Happy
Mackenzie Islay
Mackenzie James
Maconochie Henry (Year 12 Rower)
Mactaggart David
Mactaggart Emma
Manifold Georgie (Year 12 Rower)
Martin Kate
McDonald David
McLachlan Dugald
Middleton Jim
Mims David
Mort Michelle
Mortimer Jacqueline
Morton Mary
Moses Nick
Needle Lucy
Peddie Tom
Perrignon Peter
Pickard Jenny
Pickard Mark
Pithie Dougal (Year 12 Rower)
Pithie Mia
Radford Eliza (Year 12 Rower)
Ryan Alice
Ryan Christian
Ryan Maxine
Shippen Camilla
Shippen Emma
Slorach Sam
Smith Suzie
Treweeke Zoe
Watkins Alison
Weatherly Luki
Williams Alison
Wilson Anna
Wynn-Pope Hamish (Year 12 Rower)

Welcome onboard!


Membership is by a one-off subscription only and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting rowing at the School, including current Year 12 Rowers.