Details of the WHPC 2019 Annual General Meeting are as follows:

Date: Friday, 31 May 2019
Time: 6.00 pm start
Venue:  GGS Boatshed, Barwon Terrace, Geelong VIC.

2019 AGM Notice (PDF 242.2KB)

2019 Form of Proxy (PDF 140.5KB)


The following people make up the WH Pincott Club Committee:

Clive Jamieson – President
Sonia Ritchie Kent – Vice-President
Kim Baker – Hon. Secretary
Ed Gill – Treasurer
Bec Manifold – Committee Member
James Bufton – Committee Member


As part of the GGS equipment turnover plan, the following equipment is for sale to the rowing community:
- 2 x 2009 Sykes Single Sculls. Quick release riggers, clog stretchers. $2,500 each.

Contact Toby Lister; tlister@ggs.vic.edu.au for further details.


We ask for the support of the community in raising funds for the following:
- 8 x Senior girls sweep oars - $850 each
- 1 x Empacher racing eight - $75k 

Contact Clive Jamieson (M) 0418 528 599; stonypoint@stonypoint.com.au for further details. 


Victorian Rep:
Amy Underwood (He'15) represented Victoria in the Lightweight Quad scull


• Carl Tomczak (Fr'13) x 2 (Club 4-, Club 8+)
• Jilly Roberts (Cl'15) x 2 (U23 Lightweight 2-, U23 Lwt 4x)
• Jamima Jamieson (Cl'17) (Club 8+)
• Nick Doughty (Cu'18) (U23 8+)

• Nick Doughty (Cu'18) (Victorian U21 8+)

• Alice Chirnside (Cl'16) (Club 8+)
• Jilly Roberts (Cl'15) (U23 Lwt 1x)
• Carl Tomczak (Fr'13) (Coaching)
• Kirstie Green (A'15) (U23 8+)


Q. How man times has the School Captain stroked the 1st VIII boat in the HOR?

A. Maddie Atkins (Year 12 Cl) joins Sarah R Vickery (Ga'02) as the only two females to stroke the 1st VIII and captain the School. Maddie the first to achieve this, and also win the HOR.

Bobby Jamieson (Year 12 M) is the 21st School Captain to also stroke the Boys 1st VIII. He is the first to achieve this feat since James KR Brodribb (M'71) who also stroked his crew to victory.

Bobby also joins his Great Great Grandfather S F (Barny) Mann who captained the School for two years (1885-1886). He stroked both years, winning in 1886.



We have arrived at the end of the 2019 APS Rowing Season - a short season with all crews experiencing highs and lows.

Congratulations to all our GGS Rowing Students who have given their best to the wonderful sport of rowing. Head of the River races are very hard to win, so we congratulate those winning crews.

Yet again a fantastic job done by Toby Lister and his Boatshed Team. Many hundreds of hours go into the planning of a rowing season and the WH Pincott Club thank the dedicated GGS staff very much. My personal thanks to the Committee and parents who have also given their time. The GGS Rowing would not be the same without your help.

During the season the Committee were busy selling merchandise and collecting much appreciated donations:
Merchandise sales totalled $3,750
HOR donations $425
Fundraising donations $45,000

We are entering a very exciting time for GGS Rowing. Toby has identified a number of areas where significant capital expenditure is required. I thank those who have kindly donated to the WHPC and encourage those who wish to see GGS Rowing succeed to make a tax deductible donation. These can be made via the WHPC link to the ASF website ONLINE

Please feel welcome to contact me with WH Pincott Club matters.

Clive Jamieson
President, WH Pincott Club Inc.

(M) 0418 528 599
(E) stonypoint@stonypoint.com.au



The Club regrets to advise of the passing of Charles Brian Dawes, 25 October 1929 – 26 March 2019.

Brian started his rowing at Geelong Grammar (1st VIII 1948) before joining Mercantile. He was a successful King’s Cup oarsman being emergency for 1955 and 1956 crews and raced in the winning 1957 crew (3 Seat), alongside Sophie Ward's (Year 11 Cl) Grandfather, Bryan Ward (5 Seat).


1957 winning King’s Cup crew

In 1956 he was an emergency for Australian Olympic VIII Bronze Medal Crew.

Our thoughts are with wife Sue, three daughters and eight grandchildren.


The 2018/2019 Geelong Grammar School Rowing Season has been very successful, as evident by the continued development of a supportive boatshed culture, greater incorporation of the Middle School program, significant personal achievements and crew successes, as well as a number of students achieving representative opportunities. The Season concluded with the APS Head of the River which saw 220 Geelong Grammar School students competing across 30 crews. A table is included below with an overview of the Head of the River results. Racing and training this season was again spread far and wide at several regattas across Victoria and New South Wales, all of which were generously supported by our fantastic group of parents.

The culture of our program continues to grow and develop and the boatclub is reaping the benefits via increasing student participation and a more inclusive, supportive spirit amongst the students. It has been encouraging to see the students embracing the team environment and the direction of the program. From the ergo sessions with our entire Senior Squad rowing in synchronisation, to the combined training session of the Senior Girls and Year 10 Girls squads, and the Wednesday night BBQs, there have been multiple occasions where our students have collaborated and supported each other to push themselves, proving that teamwork makes the dream work.

I would like to make special mention of the massive step change in the Middle School Program this season. Returning to Limeburners Bay, this year we invested in new equipment for our Middle School rowers. The word spread and within a few weeks the number of Middle School students rowing had doubled. This season also saw a significant increase in racing opportunities for Middle School. The students competed at major regattas, including: Victorian State Championships, Scotch Mercantile Regatta, Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta and the APS Head of the River. The skill development throughout the season led to impressive results at these major regattas.

This season we had four Year 10 Boys VIIIs and nine Year 10 Girls IVs. The season commenced with a new initiative for the Year 10 Program in the form of a three day rowing camp on the Barwon prior to Term 1. We had fantastic attendance with the majority of the squad sacrificing some of their holiday time to kickstart the season. As is always the case with our Year 10 season, it was over before it began. The boys were very competitive in a strong field of crews at the APS Head of the River and the girls raced strongly with four crews winning and two crews placing second in their Head of the River races. A highlight this season was offering the Year 10 students the opportunity to join the Senior Crews at the Australian National Rowing Championships in Sydney. The experience of competing at a regatta alongside elite rowers gave the students the opportunity to further explore and learn about the world of rowing.

The Senior Squad started the season well in Term 4 2018 with competitive results at the Melbourne Head Regatta in November. One of the highlights of the January rowing camp was the fitness and conditioning the students returned with following the Christmas break; it was evident they had been training hard. Our week at Nagambie coincided with the January heatwave, however, the students and coaches adjusted to the conditions admirably without compromising health and safety or the preparation for the season.

In Term 1, the boys squad was very focused. The crews trained very hard in pursuit of their competition and their dedication was evident. A highlight was the Boys 1st VIII finishing in third place at the Scotch Mercantile Regatta while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th crews showed that fighting spirit right until the conclusion of the season.
The depth of our girls program this year was evident in the number of crews that competed and the results they achieved. In particular, this year for the first time in 19 years the Girls 2nd VIII won the Head of the Schoolgirls. In addition to this, the 1sr, 2nd and 3rd Girls VIIIs won their events at the APS Head of the River and the Girls 1st VIII won bronze medals in the U19 Women’s VIII as well as the Schoolgirls’ VIII at the Australian National Rowing Championships.

Across the board, one of the pleasing areas of improvement over the 2018/2019 Season is that students are now clearly striving toward our motto of One Team, One Dream. It is apparent in the way the students support and encourage each other that no student and no crew is more important than any other. In a team sport such as rowing, this is of central importance and this is a tangible result of being involved in the program.

The season would not have been possible without the many hours of dedicated coaching from our fantastic team of driven coaches which is comprised of both teaching and non-teaching staff. The collaboration of our coaches has ensured a more unified approach towards the Geelong Grammar rowing technique and the wellbeing of our students. We were also extremely well supported by our boatman Adam Venn and the administrative skills of Tony Inkster. Thank you to you all for your time and dedication to making 2018/2019 such a great season.

In his last season at the helm of the WH Pincott Club, Clive Jamieson has had a significant impact on the GGS Boatclub. Thank you very much to Clive and the entire Committee for all their work in raising funds and supporting our students to develop, achieve and enjoy their season of rowing. On top of this, thank you to all the parents for their ongoing support. Your work behind the scenes and the effort you put in to be present on the river bank at so many regattas does not go unnoticed, in fact, it has a hugely positive impact. Your contribution is appreciated by staff and students alike.

A summary of our APS Head of the River results is below, as well as a brief summary of current and recently graduated students who are continuing to pursue rowing beyond GGS. There were many lessons learnt this season which will stand the students and our program in good stead for the future. Winter training is underway with strong participation across the board. We are excited to involve our returning Timbertop students in January and look forward to the 2019/2020 season.

Toby Lister
Director of Rowing









Year 10

Middle School

Boys 1st VIII


Girls Div 1 4+


Boys Div 5 4x+


Girls 1st VIII


Girls Div 2 4+


Boys Div 6 4x+


Boys 2nd VIII


Girls Div 3 4+


Boys Div 7 4x+


Girls 2nd VIII


Girls Div 4 4+


Boys Div 8 4x+


Boys 3rd VIII


Girls Div 5 4+


Girls Div 2 4x+


Girls 3rd VIII


Girls Div 5 4+


Girls Div 3 4x+


Boys Div 4+


Girls Div 6 4+


Girls Div 4 4x+


Girls Div 6 4+


Girls Div 4 4x+


Girls Div 6 4+


Girls Div 4 4x+


Boys Div 1 8+

4th (B Final)

Boys Div 2 8+

2nd (B Final)

Boys Div 3 8+


Boys Div 4 8+




Congratulations to Olivia Moore (2018/2019 Girls Captain of Boats) for her selection into the Australian Junior Rowing Team. Olivia has combined with three members of the Methodist Ladies College 1st VIII and a rower from Loreto College, Ballarat to compete in the Women’s Coxed Four event at the World Championships, Tokyo, Japan in August.

Jilly Roberts (Cl’15) will represent Australia in the Women’s Lightweight Pair at the U23 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida later this year.


WHPC membership is open to all people who support GGS Rowing. We encourage those who have not yet signed up to jump on board. We also greatly encourage all parents to join, especially those whose children have joined us from TT. 

The following have joined since May 2018:

a'Beckett Camilla
Allen Nicholas
Allen Will (Year 12 Rower)
Atkins Maddy (Year 12 Rower)
Barber Jess
Barlow Cate
Barr-Smith Tom (Year 12 Rower)
Basser Megan
Biggs Georgie
Bond Charlie (Year 12 Rower)
Brown Courtney
Bufton Susan
Burrell Will
Calvert-Jones James
Calvert-Jones Susannah
Campbell James
Campbell Lachlan
Carmichael Scott
Clark Peter
Clements Elisa
Clements Jonathan
Coburn Isabel
Cole Charlotte
Crawford Alice
Dowd Jayne
Friday Mili (Year 12 Rower)
Gerraty Gus
Gillies Zoe
Grainger Amanda
Gubbins Daisy
Hamilton Claire
Hamilton James
Hetrel Samantha
Homan Andrew
Hood Sal
Hunter Ash
Jamieson Bobby (Year 12 Rower)
Kent Emma (Year 12 Rower)
Kent Wayne
Kisvarda Paul
Kolomanski Edwina
Langley Thomas (Year 12 Rower)
Leckey William
Leslie Wayne
Levy Happy
MacIntosh Tex
Mackenzie Islay
Mackenzie James
MacLachlan Lachlan
Mactaggart Sarah (Year 12 Rower)
Mahon Vanessa
Marshall Jacqui
McGlashan David
McKay James
McLachlan Annabel (Year 12 Rower)
McLachlan Dugald
Metcalfe Lucy Year (Year 12 Rower)
Metcalfe Richard
Middleton Jim
Miller Sara
Mills Alec (Year 12 Rower)
Moore Olivia (Year 12 Rower)
Mortimer Mike (Year 12 Rower)
Moses Nick
Naylor Marlo
Needle Lucy
Paton Knox
Pickard Chandra (Year 12 Rower)
Pickard Jenny
Pickard Mark
Pincott Jo
Pithie Mia
Ren Yan
Ryan Alice
Ryan Christian
Ryan Drew
Ryan Maxine
Shackleton Kylie
Shackleton Mark
Shelmerdine Trine
Simpson Sally
Slorach Ben (Year 12 Rower)
Sluga Anita
Storey Timothy
Storey Wende
Sutherland Charlotte
Sutherland Kate
Sutherland Sophie
Sutherland Stewart
Talbot Debbie
Thomson Jane
Ward Susie
Watkins Meg (Year 12 Rower)
Wong Susie
Wynn-Pope Hamish
Wynn-Pope Rhodri

Welcome onboard!


Membership is by a one-off subscription only and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting rowing at the School, including current Year 12 Rowers.