In 2015 the School undertook an extensive Review of the rowing programme conducted by an external consultant, Andrew Randell. From this review a Strategic Plan (The Vision for Rowing at GGS in 2020) was presented and approved by the School. A major aspect of the strategic plan was the division of the current Director of Rowing Position. The new Director of Rowing (Coaching) will primarily be responsible for implementing best practice coaching principles within the programme, whilst the administrative tasks will be given to a new position titled Rowing Administrator.  

Beginning in Term 4, 2016 Toby Lister commences as the new Director of Rowing (Coaching). For the past 2 years Toby has been a teacher at Scotch College in Adelaide running their coeducation programme. In this time the programme has improved markedly. The highlight occurred in 2015 when they ‘won the double’ - the boys and girls 1st VIII - Head of the River titles. The only school to have achieved the distinction of winning both titles in the same year. 

Toby was educated at Shore School in Sydney. A school with a strong rowing tradition, Toby coxed the schools 1st VIII to GPS Head of the River titles in 2003 and 2004 and the National Schoolboy VIII at the Australian National Titles. Toby then moved on to coxing the NSW King’s Cup VIII from 2009 to 2014, which included 6 wins, a record for a NSW coxswain. Internationally Toby was coxswain of the Australian men’s eight from 2010 through to the London Olympics in 2012. During this time the crew won a bronze at the 2010 World Championships.

Paul La Cava
Director of Sport
Geelong Grammar School






The Pincott Club hosted a very successful tribute dinner in honour of Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford in Geelong on 3rd September. The dinner was attended by close to 150 of Debbie's friends from the school and rowing community and we were joined by Debbie's husband Russell and daughter Katie.

Merrick Howes (P'80), international oarsman and member of the Board of Rowing Australia presented Katie with her mother's McVilly Pearce pin - a numbered pin to which every rower who has represented Australia is entitled.

Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford with Rob England and their victorious Girls' 1st VIII
(C) Richard Kumnick, Photo Play

Rob England gave the tribute speech. It was an eloquent, moving and poignant recollection prompting tears as well as laughter as we remembered Debbie's spirit and her contributions to family, friends, the school and rowing.

There was very generous support for a silent auction and a live auction was presided over by GGS parent Mark Kebbell. $6,750 was raised to add to the $145,929 already pledged to fund two new Empacher boats, one which will be named in honour of Debbie. Club President Clive Jamieson (M'85) was able to announce that the fundraising target had been reached, and the boats are on order.

The Pincott Club committee thanks the Geelong Grammar rowing community for their support and generosity.

Maryjane Crabtree
WH Pincott Club


GGS Boat Shed under water - September 2016


The WH Pincott Club encourages Year 12 Rowers to become a member before they finish their GGS rowing career.
Here are the names of those who have already joined the Club this year:

Sasha Culley (Year 12 Leaver)
Georgie Gubbins (Year 12 Leaver)
Sarah Harte (Year 12 Leaver)
James Langley (Year 12 Leaver)
Sophie Sutton (Year 12 Leaver)


Membership is by a one-off subscription only and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting rowing at the School, including current Year 12 Rowers.