Saturday - 4 August 2018
Doc Dunn Club AGM

Hawker Library, Corio Campus
11:30am start
2017 Doc Dunn AGM Meeting Minutes (PDF 372.6KB)

Saturday - 4 August 2018
Doc Dunn Club Members
Social Function

This function is for adult members only.

An image of the Doc Dunn Club logoDoc Dunn Club - July 27


Well, as we approach the end of the season, there seems to be so much happening.

I must start with the 1st Boys breakthrough 2-1 win last Saturday against Brighton Grammar after some agonisingly close losses. The excitement from the boys after the game was huge (see below) and it was great to see all their hard work over the season coming to fruition. Fantastic result! 


The 1st Girls 4-4 draw with Mentone was a classic and could easily have fallen our way. It is great to see the positive development in the soccer program and full credit to Tony and Vaughan for their expert coaching and how they are improving our teams. The quality of football is improving all the time and I encourage you to come and watch! The support from the school for the Soccer program has been clearly evident and is gathering strength. Overall, last weekend had six GGS wins, seven losses and two draws, including the 2nd Girls (below) who literally drew on the last kick of a very exciting game. Our Year 7 and 8 Boys continue to produce very strong results and play with a great spirit.


I want to put in an early plug for The Doc Dunn Club AGM which will be held on Saturday, August 4 at 11:30 am in the Hawker Library. I would love for anyone interested to come along and participate. The Doc Dunn Club has built to the stage where I think we can expand our aims and efforts, but we can only do this with a strong committee and new ideas. We are open to any new ideas and certainly aim to build our soccer community. Please come along and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to see you!

What else is happening?


Two new sets of portable goals arrived this week which allows us to use three pitches on Perry when rugby is playing away. It also allows one Biddlecombe pitch to be modified in size for our younger players and to move the pitch if the goalmouth is wearing down, as it inevitably does over a season. At the end of the day, these goals will improve the playing experience of our students across all age groups. Again, thanks to Paul La Cava and Lou Spanos for advocating for the new goals..


The Doc Dunn Social Function is on the evening of August 4 for all adult members. All financial members and coaches have received details and we hope to see them for a relaxed evening.


Our barbecue is still cooking along each week and we’ve served over 1,500 cevapi rolls to date this season to our community. I must put out a special thanks to Helen McKenzie and Steve Worboys for their tireless work – they have been a huge support to me.



Coaches are now considering the boy and girl to receive the Doc Dunn medal for 2018. This is for the players who best show perseverance, courage, commitment and team ethic. The winner can come from any age group. I will keep you informed of the winners in the next newsletter.


On the suggestion of Doc Dunn committee member Emanuela Merlatti, we are sourcing badges for all our departing senior players as a memento of thanks for their efforts in playing soccer at GGS. Several other sports do this and we think it is a nice gesture that our players deserve. Fingers crossed we can get the badges before the school soccer dinner on August 15. I must thank Peter Bajer for his design work on the badge and his continued support really for every piece of design work that has needed to be done. The quality of his work is outstanding.

A final reminder of the AGM - we do need your support. Of course memberships are always welcome and essential to keep us moving forward.

The season is flying past and it’s been great to meet so many of you at the barbecues. Slowly but surely we are all helping to build our community and improve the football experience for our fantastic kids. 

Bernie Creati
President, Doc Dunn Club


2018 1st Boys Team


There are two membership options:

· A Family membership as a one off payment of AUD $210 which covers the entire duration of your child/children's time at GGS. For this you will receive a Doc Dunn Club beanie and scarf.

· An Individual Parent/Carer membership of AUD $150 - a one off payment which covers the entire duration of your child/children's time at GGS. For this you will receive either a Doc Dunn Club scarf OR beanie (your choice)

Follow the link to join online:
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