Saturday 27 July, 2019
Doc Dunn Social Function

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Hello everyone,

Well, the season is well and truly underway and each year soccer seems to get a bit bigger and stronger.  We have 16 teams running around at the moment and, at the time of writing, 7 teams have a positive win/loss ratio (and two teams running at 50%) which is fantastic.  The Year 8B Boys are the standout team, currently undefeated with three absolutely thumping wins, and playing really nice football.  Our Junior C Girls have also been impressive with two thumping wins and a very close loss.  A shout out to the 2nd Girls, 3rd Boys, 10B Boys, 8C Boys and 7B2 Boys too for their great form.  Congratulations to them and to all of our teams. 

Our 1st Girls are struggling for form but improving every week and it is great to see them starting to gel.  Our 1st Boys have had an incredibly impressive start to the season with one (oh so close!) 3-2 loss to Brighton, one draw against Melbourne Grammar (who easily accounted for us last year) and a fantastic win against Wesley in a keenly contested and lively encounter.  As I walk around campus each Saturday, the quality of football is fantastic, the spirit great, our coaches engaged, and the kids all look like they’re having fun.  It’s a testament to our Soccer program, Technical Director (Foddy Kyprian) and TIC (Lou Spanos) who have slowly but surely worked behind the scenes to improve the program.  It really is starting to pay dividends.



I need to put this plug in early as we seek donations.  The funding for the Doc Dunn Club has changed this year and we have moved to a (tax deductible!) donation model through the Australian Sports Foundation, instead of a membership model.  We’d love your help.

To donate, simply click on:

But you may ask - Why donate?  What will I be supporting?

Well, over the last month we’ve had requests from the Boys and Girls programs to provide video equipment for our First Teams, and we’ve provided two video cameras for game day analysis.  (Our thanks to Olga Watters for facilitating the purchase). 

We’ve had a request from the Soccer Program to assist in purchasing two sets of movable goals (see picture below) which provide greater flexibility for training and allow for re-positioning of goals when the goal mouth inevitably gets worn down towards the end of season.  The goals don’t come cheap – at $6,000 a set – but the purchase of them has already improved the Soccer experience for students on the Perry and Biddlecombe pitches. 


 It’s now time to turn our attention to Kow Flat to improve the experience for our students over there

We are also in need of funding for training shirt provision, merchandise, barbecues each week on Perry Oval, social functions and, in the future, assisting with soccer trips/camps for our students.  We are building the Doc Dunn Club slowly but surely, but we’re now moving into a phase where we can materially assist with our program and I would appeal to you to help.

Every donation is tax deductible and will directly support the Soccer Program at GGS. Click here to go online and donate:

Our warmest thanks to those of you who have already donated - you are marvelous! 


The School has invited the Heads of the various Sport Support Groups to be involved in future planning and strategy for Sport at GGS.  I’ve attended two meetings to date to discuss these issues and have written a submission (after discussion with the Doc Dunn Club Committee).  I won’t be pre-emptying any findings or discussions, but one of our concerns has been the quality of the playing surfaces on Biddlecombe Oval and Kow Flat for the Soccer Program at GGS.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be heard and, hopefully, our submission and ideas will be given due consideration.  One of the roles of the Doc Dunn Club is to provide advocacy for the sport of Soccer at GGS, and the Committee is determined to support and improve what is the biggest sport at GGS.



Wow!  Each year the barbecue and people congregating is getting bigger and bigger, with a real sense of community.  We fed 250 players, coaches, refs and parents on Derby Day against Geelong College three weeks ago, and fed 250 people again last Saturday.

Remember, everyone is welcome – even if you or your child is playing on Biddlecombe Oval or Kow Flat - please come over, enjoy the cevapi and introduce yourself. We are there, at the Perry Oval, every Saturday of the soccer season and we’d love to see you!

We are selling merchandise from the barbecue this year - if you need a Club scarf or beanie to keep warm whilst watching.  We’re also selling training shirts.  Club umbrellas will soon be available at the Uniform Shop.

I’d like to thank the Santalucia family who are providing (baking and donating) muffins (which are to die for!) and lollies for sale – it helps us with fundraising and is very kind of them.

Warmest thanks also to Helen McKenzie, Steve Worboys, Susie Jones, Iga Bajer and Ian Routley for their assistance on the barbie.  Feeding up to 250 people is a big task and I’m incredibly thankful for their efforts.



The Doc Dunn Committee is trying very hard to improve our social media presence with all of us contributing each week from around the grounds to improve our output.

Find us at:

Twitter: @GGSSoccer Instagram:

Thanks for your time and don't forget to donate. We really need your help.

See you at the barbecue!

Bernie Creati
President, Doc Dunn Club


Tonci Prusac - Coach of Boys 10B


Do jump on board and become the Club Supporter via the Australian Sports Foundation!

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