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Tennis Support Group Newsletter
05 April 2019



Dear GGS Tennis Community,

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Tennis Support Group. We have met so many lovely families along the way.

We would like to congratulate and thank Brodie Murray and Amelia Rule for their roles as Tennis Captains through this season. You have been great role models to all our tennis children.

Good luck to all our Year 12 students, we wish them all the best.

To our dedicated team at GGS involved in tennis: we sincerely thank you, Paul La Cava, Kirsty McCartney, Iga Bajer, Andrew Cameron and all our coaches.

Special thanks to all the parents that have helped during this term to make it the success it has been. We have now got a great social calendar happening for all tennis players, parents and guardians including the Family Tennis Tournament, a possible Tennis Dance, cocktail parties, morning teas and BBQs. Everybody is welcome and has a place from juniors to seniors somewhere in the social calendar of tennis.

Currently we are putting together a GGS tennis ‘wish list’ that we will put forward to GGS Executives. Please, if you have any recommendations, we would love to have your input. Simply email your suggestions to me.

If you would like to join our GGS Tennis What’s App, please call or text me: 0458 507 655. This is a bit of fun and keeps you in the loop.

As the sport summer season closes and winter one begins, some of our children may wish to continue playing tennis over Term 2 and 3. At Corio Campus the HCW and Bender Centre courts will be used for netball and hockey, so we are still looking at the possibility of accessing a couple of other hard courts on Campus during that time. As this is work in progress, for now we encourage interested students to use the various House tennis courts (e.g. located in FB, Cuthy or Clyde). Remember, however, that if you belong to a different House, you may only use these courts by invitation. 

On Athletics Day in September we plan to have a meeting at the beginning of the day. The night before, we will have a casual catch up in Geelong. We will keep you posted with exact details closer to the day.

We have come a long way and now have approximately 120 members. We begin thinking of our Kooyong Tennis Club Cocktail Party planned for 5 March 2020 which, we hope, may include a relaunch of the Frank Sedgman Club and a great fundraising opportunity. We hope we will have close to 200 members by then.

Please enjoy our last newsletter for Term 1. My thanks to Sarah James-Murray for compiling it. Let’s keep the ball rolling throughout 2019.
Best wishes over winter.
Keep in touch,

Sally Wills
President, Tennis Support Group


Andrew Cameron with 2019 Tennis Captains: Brodie Murray and Amelia Rule


It is hard to imagine what an action packed month it’s been at GGS Tennis since our March newsletter. Hard-fought matches, dedicated training from across our senior and junior teams backed and supported by our fabulous coaching team. Our thanks go to Head of Tennis Performance, Andrew Cameron and the TIC of Tennis, Kirsty McCartney. Many of us have witnessed a growing culture of belief embedding in our teams, as part of the positive mindset that lies at the heart of GGS Tennis. We, as the GGS Tennis Support Group, are proud of what our players are achieving both on and off the court, not only as ambassadors of the game of tennis, but also in terms of the welcoming that is routinely shown towards visiting teams at Home games, and consistently good conduct displayed by our players at Away games.

Behind the scenes, the Tennis Support Group has been working hard to galvanise the good will of our broader GGS Tennis family and community, by lifting the profile of GGS Tennis through greater access to communication and opportunities for social events and engagement. Many will have noticed the sausage sizzle in action when arriving at the Bender Centre in recent weeks to watch Saturday matches. This has been generously run by our dedicated Treasurer, Olga Watters, and has without a doubt made for a welcoming ambience for visiting teams, and for hungry players and parents alike. A number of our parents have also baked muffins and made slices for morning tea as another welcoming touch. Thank you also to Kirsty McCartney for providing pizzas on the final Wednesday afternoon of training for the tennis season. This is always much enjoyed and appreciated by our students.

A key goal from our Family Day meeting back in February was to enable easier forms of connection and forge more open lines of communication between GGS Tennis families, given the wide geographical spread of our community. This was immediately actioned by our President, Sally Wills who was quick to initiate a WhatsApp for GGS Tennis a couple of weeks ago. This platform has already greatly increased communication among GGS Tennis families. Many tennis parents have added their names to WhatsApp and it is proving to be regularly used and a handy form of group chat around all things GGS Tennis. If you don’t have the App, simply download it. Please get in touch with Sally on 0458 507 655, and she will add you to the Group. Thank you, Sally.

You would also be aware that we now have the GGS Tennis Support Group Facebook Page. Sue Lester is doing a great job in getting the page established. If you search “GGS Tennis Support”, like the page and we will invite you to the private “GGS Tennis Support Group” where you will find all the tennis news. You can also post photos and items of interest from tennis at GGS. Continue to make contact with the lovely Sue on  As Sue reminds us, you don’t have to be a paid member of our support group to apply to join the Facebook Page. But of course, we always welcome new memberships!

For the remainder of the newsletter, I’ll report on our first ever GGS Family Tennis Tournament, held on March 23; provide some reflections from players/ parents across a number of our Senior and Middle School teams on the 2018-19 season ‘that was’, and wrap up with some remarks on the End of Season 1sts and 2nds Morning Tea.


I want to give a huge shout out to our President, Sally Wills, whose vision and extraordinary motivation saw the development of what began as just an idea for a Family Tennis Tournament become a reality in a matter of only a few short weeks. This feat was quite remarkable to witness, really. I personally know of the many hours Sally spent in promoting the Tournament, in creating the Draw and running the day as Tournament Director, with the stated intention to bring past and present students, siblings and teachers together to play the game of tennis. She certainly achieved that, overwhelmingly.
This event singlehandedly reminds us of the broader GGS Tennis family who registered in significant numbers to play on the day, and generated enormous enjoyment and interest. As noted in Sally’s recent summary, the Tournament outdid all expectations: “Wow, 84 players for our first GGS Tennis Tournament! All courts full!“
Here is a reflection from one of the players who participated in the Tournament (current parent and Tennis Support Group Committee member, Sue Lester):

The weather could not have been better for our Inaugural GGS Family Tennis Tournament. It was so well supported by students and their parents with all 80 places filled, the final few at the last minute by a couple of emergencies and even a spectator who borrowed a racquet, in time to start. The tennis was competitive and friendly, weather perfect and atmosphere brilliant. You did not meet anyone who wasn't enjoying themselves, even in spite of a couple of aches and sprains in all the enthusiasm. It was great for us all to meet and mix with so many more terrific GGS people from our tennis community which is bigger, better and it was more fun than we could have ever imagined. The day far exceeded everyone’s expectations and it was so well run by Sally Wills and all the volunteers who helped with the scheduling and score sheets. Sally gave a really wonderful speech to round off the day and we all enjoyed coming together for a BBQ lunch afterwards. Can’t wait for the next one - you might have to get in early next time!

Save the date for the 2020 Family Tennis tournament as most likely the last Sunday of Term 1.



It was a great season for us. The highlights of the season would be first, the practice match against Geelong College where we played very well and won 11 sets to 4. It was a very big confidence boost for the team, because it showed us what we were capable of. In the main season, we achieved our first win in three years against Geelong College. We made the APS Sport Instagram feed that week with the comment: “The drought is over for the @geelong_grammar_school Boys 1st Tennis team”. It was a great moment for us as we now saw that we could be a winning team, which was very good.

Other highlights of the season were our matches against Brighton Grammar, Carey Grammar and Haileybury. We were up in all sets against BGS, but unfortunately the match was rained out. I strongly feel we would have got the win there. We were very unlucky against Carey with Sunny Handy and Dirk Cappetti out with gastro. However, we still put up a great fight, and only just went down 10 sets to 6. Our final Home game for the season against Haileybury, a top 3 APS team highlighted our potential when we only lost 10 sets to 6. Our final match of the season versus St Kevin’s was a little bit emotional for Carlo Caiani and I (the only two Y12s in the team), but yet again our team demonstrated a very passionate love for the game. I won my final doubles match with Florian Watters before the rain came, which was a nice way to finish. I feel like we haven’t had a team this strong in my time at GGS – quality players such as Harry, Sunny Handy, Florian, Laurenz, Nick, Dirk, Sunny Lu, and Carlo. But I feel that the team can only get better from here. Thank you to our very amazing coaches, Andrew and Adam. Thank you to my Vice Captain, Sunny Handy and all my team mates. It has been a pleasure playing with you. I know that I am leaving Geelong Grammar Tennis in good hands.
Brodie Murray (Captain of Tennis Y12)



The 2018-19 season for the 1st Girls was successful, and although our losses were greater than our wins we remained optimistic going into every game with positive attitudes and, more importantly, having lots of fun. Our season began with a practise match against Geelong College, setting the bar very high in terms of talent level as well as the morning tea spread, which helped ease the pain of the loss. The first game of the season we were up against Caulfield Grammar, we were all nervous, putting in 100% of our effort and walked away with 81 games! Ruby Wilson really put in 100%, pushing herself to the limit in the tie breaker, and fainting at the end! 
Following the intensive tennis camp at the end of the summer, Andrew managed to get us back into shape for our first match of Term 1 against Carey. The day was a heatwave, we all persevered not only through the heat but multiple tie-breakers. During our game against Wesley College who were the toughest competitors in APS, we focused on making the most of the Melbourne Park courts, letting our Australian Open dreams live on as we lost 1 set to 15. Our first win of the season came on the 9th of February against Peninsula Gramma. Despite the Peninsula coach attempting to call off the game due to weather conditions, we all decided to endure the rain showers and 60km winds, enjoying the long journey back to school revelling in our success of 119 games and 11 sets. The week following, we were brought back to reality by PEGS who put forth an unbeatable fight, although notably Josie Happell and Ruby Wilson also put in outstanding efforts during their doubles match. The redraw matches began with a close match against Caulfield Grammar, this time walking away with an improved 83 sets, where Laura Sunderland, Jemma Mitchell and Winky Messner played exceptional games. Overall, the tennis season was filled with long challenging matches. Every girl put in their best efforts, enjoying the experience - thank you all!
Amelia Rule (Captain of Tennis Y12)



The Geelong Grammar 2nd Tennis Team began the season with optimism and hope. Guided by our coach Dr Mark Arness, we knew we could win a game or two. We more than met our expectations and won 4 games (even if two of those games were by forfeit). Our away win against Melbourne Grammar was a highlight, with Aaron Quach and Carlo Caiani proving to be a mouth-watering combination and winning an incredibly tense doubles set in a tie-breaker. Our last game of the season, and the final one for our Year 12 players, saw us pull off a memorable victory in difficult weather conditions against Xavier College. Overall, the GGS 2nds team had a very successful season, with each one of us undoubtedly improving our skills at the sport.
Charlie Gill (Y12)


The Girls 2nds should be enormously proud of their efforts all season. As Andrew Cameron noted in his speech at the End of Season morning tea, the Girls’ Team would not have imagined at the start of the season what lay ahead for them. As it turned out, they remained undefeated in the competition!. One of the few teams across any summer sport to do this. Congratulations to the Girls’ 2nds and their coach Janelle Grass. The consistency of effort was carried across the player group.
Sarah James-Murray


A great team from the Year 10 Boys who have mostly been playing together since year 7! They are all of A Grade standard, but sadly were playing the low end of B grade, so are undefeated, with few challenging matches. Despite this, the boys played with enthusiasm each week, encouraging their opposition & generally enjoying the sport; showing great sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout the season. A special thanks to Trudy Purcell for her coaching during the term.
Felicity Maynard (parent of Herbie Y10)


Tennis was a great way to start off the year. We all really enjoyed getting to know our team better and definitely had lots of laughs. Training regularly, we were able to eventually hit the ball over the net and finish the season with a few wins. A lot of the girls had never even picked up a tennis racquet in their life and others had been playing since they could walk. No matter the ability level, we all had so much fun and got around everyone in the team. It would not have been possible to have such a great season without the Year 10 coaches Ms Duc, and Ms Dunnell. Thank you for helping to make tennis heaps of fun!
Lily Delves (Y10)


Middle School Boys’ tennis teams have had a fantastic term with some great wins against other schools, in particular their matches against Xavier College, where unfortunately play was stopped due to the rain. GGS Year 7 and 8 teams have certainly earned the reputation of being very strong opponents on the court by other schools.
Training on a Tuesday was taken by in-house coaches and on Wednesday afternoons external coaches came to GGS to further develop skills and learning. These sessions have been most beneficial to the boys who have really then enjoyed Saturday sport and many wins. The team spirit amongst the players was high, contributing to a most enjoyable term of tennis and we look forward to getting back on the courts in Term 4.
Hugh Maher (Y7) and Charlie Maher (Y8)


On Saturday March 31, TIC of Tennis, Kirsty McCartney hosted the End of Season Morning Tea for the 1st and 2nd players, coaches, parents and guardians in the beautiful Gladys Bell Room. It was a special morning to formally recognise the contributions and hard work of the players, captains and the staff throughout the season. The occasion was perfect, and it was noted among many present that this is a tradition that it is hoped continues in this location.

Coaches’ awards, Best Player awards and Captains’ trophies were presented. Poignant speeches were given by Andrew Cameron, Kirsty McCartney and our Tennis Captains, Amelia Rule and Brodie Murray.

I would personally like to thank the wider school tennis community, parents, coaches and staff over my family’s years of being part of school tennis. It has been a lot of fun watching the quality of the matches each week and witnessing the friendships develop among players and parents alike. I have enjoyed my time as Secretary of the Support Group this season, working alongside the dedicated team of the Executive Committee. I wish you best of luck for the future growth of GGS Tennis. Exciting times ahead.

Sarah James-Murray
Secretary, Tennis Support Group