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Tennis Support Group Newsletter
16 December 2019


Welcome everyone to the last newsletter edition for 2019!


... is in full swing for the summer season. Thank you to our parents for all of their great support so far and congratulations to our Tennis Captains for 2020:

GGS Tennis Captains and Vice Captains for 2020 

Above, L - R: Ruby Wilson (Vice Captain), Winky Messner (Captain), Sunny Handy (Captain) and Florian Watters (Vice Captain)

All our teams have had some good results, with everyone across the board enjoying a win so far. It was nice to see the great report in The Corian (pp. 218 -221) with lots of photos of the players. Check out your Middle School Corian for the 7’s & 8’s teams.

Tennis enjoys the greatest participation of any sport at GGS.

Sunny Handy tennis 2019 Our 1st Teams have had some excellent results in the first few weeks of the season.

The boys ended a very windy first week with a big win over Carey Grammar and much improved results in the other matches against very strong opposition, who are fresh from winter pennant and tournaments. The win over Carey was the first victory over a Melbourne-based school in 10 years. What a great feeling it was for the boys.

The girls have had fighting matches every week. Playing well against a stronger Carey Grammar in the first week with some unlucky results in a few long sets, but then clinching an inspiring win at Caulfield Grammar in the second week. This nail biter saw them secure a 4 game victory with the match hinging on wins in the last 2 sets. It was so exciting when the news filtered through to the other venues on the day, with texts coming through thick and fast from our Head Coach, Andrew Cameron. Well done girls!

Tennis 2019

Andrew’s enthusiasm has created a great team spirit across the board this season and he has enjoyed seeing his troops push as hard as they can in their tennis, regardless of the result in all grades.

It was nice to see the boys all stay and cheer on the girls, after the boys had finished their matches when they were at home together. Well done boys!

Tennis Girls 2019

Tennis 1st Boys 2019

Tennis Coaches 2019Big thanks to our other Coaches, Adam Lasky & Caroline McGann, and all the Staff who work hard to look after each team.

It’s good for parents to know that GGS Tennis always has nice feedback from other schools. Not just for being sporting and friendly, or for our beautiful campus, but for also having excellent parent support each week. Even given our location and the long distance some of our parents have to travel to watch APS sport each week, we certainly have more spectators than most of the other schools, even when at other venues. Well done parents!

Good luck to all the students who will be playing in junior tournaments over the holidays. Even if just for fun, it’s a good chance to practice. It’s a great chance to practice in general and have a few tennis lessons to be ready for 2020.


... that players have been using the refurbished Allen Courts to practice on in the off-season. These courts will remain available.

The main aim of the parent support group is to make this happen on a bigger scale in years to come, where the lack of access to courts, coaching and competition outside of APS Sport, really sets our players back against our much stronger competition, especially in the higher grades. If your child is interested to advance in tennis, this support group will continue to help make this happen. There is no doubt that the opportunity to practice or play competition throughout the year gives players a big advantage to improve their game. Here’s a great shot of the set up at Haileybury (below), where they have 4 permanent courts available all year round exclusively for tennis. This is our dream for tennis at GGS, with weekly coaching available, especially for boarders!

Haileybury year-round tennis courts

You might all be interested to read the history of the Doc Dunn Club (Soccer Support Group) on the GGS website. It’s a great story of persistence for a sport support group at GGS and mirrors our own experience in many ways. Our President, Sally, received some great encouragement from this group after one of the sport Presidents' meetings, given they could relate to how we wanted to help make it better for the tennis players. 'Don’t give up' was the message!


... is always provided by the school for the 1st Teams under APS rules (due to the much longer matches – these players begin at 8 am (or earlier) for practice and warm up, and the matches which start at 8.30 am can run well past noon, hence the need for sustenance). Kirsty McCartney has done a brilliant job of arranging this as the Tennis TIC (among many other important responsibilities of that role) and her considered changes in the menu have been really enjoyed. Thanks so much again from all of us for everything to Kirsty.

In addition to this, our Parent Support Group has provided some extra food for all our players and parents from all the grades so everyone feels included. Free tea, coffee and light snacks are available for everyone at the Bender Centre. We hope this can continue in seasons to come, with parents contributing just where they can, so we make it easy and can all relax and enjoy watching our kids. It is also a great way to make visitors to our campus feel welcome and create a good vibe.

NOTE: If you have time to bring a plate to share, remember to provide a list of ingredients and fill in an allergy matrix form (we have spare copies of these forms available on the day). It sounds like a pain but it’s pretty easy and part of school rules we need to follow.

Tennis Support Group BBQ

Also, Olga Watters-Koestenbauer organises the BBQ for everyone from all the grades each week. She works hard and buys the most delicious sausages from her butcher. Olga generously brings everything to top it off from her own pantry (and husband David is not allowed near the tongs – Olga likes it just right). Don’t forget to compliment Olga next time you come over to partake in the BBQ! 

Thanks to all who had time to attend the last Parent Support Group meeting during the Whole School Athletics Day in September. We had a terrific turnout and some good discussion regarding tennis events in the months to come and all the things the parents can support. The Minutes are available here (PDF 432KB) and most is mentioned in this newsletter.

If any of the students have any suggestions of what they would like to see help them with their tennis, parents please encourage them to forward their suggestions at anytime.


... is up and running. If you search for GGS Tennis, “like” the page, then we can invite you to join our private/closed group, where only we can view the posts. The school has an admin rep on the page. You are most welcome to post any news and photos each week from APS Tennis (or send the information you would like posted to Sue Lester). The page will be updated over the holidays.

If you would like to join our committee or help out in any capacity, please email or chat to one of us at anytime, but most of all come along and support Tennis at GGS.

Tennis Support Group Visor

Lastly, on behalf of us all, thank you to our President, Sally Wills, for her insurmountable enthusiasm in resurrecting the Tennis Support Group. Sally did not volunteer for the job but has selflessly gone above and beyond to push for better tennis facilities and opportunities at GGS for future players. The great success of last year’s Family Tournament reflected Sally’s capacity to bring people together, promote GGS Tennis and make sure everyone has fun.

We will close with the great quote at the players' entrance to Wimbledon Centre Court (featured in the photo below taken in 2017) from the poem 'If', by Rudyard Kipling:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same

... in other words, wins and losses are just fleeting moments in time that don’t ever make you who you are - as we all know at GGS: it’s how you play the game that counts.

Merry Christmas GGS tennis players and families.

Entrance to Wimbledon Centre Court 2017

Tennis Support Group Committee:
Sally Wills - President
Serena Mitchell - Vice President
Olga Watters-Koestenbauer - Treasurer
Sue Lester - Secretary


Girls - Tennis Fixtures & Results

Boys - Tennis Fixtures & Results


Sunday, 16 February 2020
(GGS Family Day @ Corio Campus)
Tennis Support Group AGM 
All welcome to attend and contribute ideas.

Thursday, 5 March 2020
6-9pm @ Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
Tennis Support Group Cocktail Party 

Big fundraiser and official season launch for 2020. Great prizes and auction items. Beautiful setting. Great speaker - to be announced.
Contact Serena Mitchell if you can donate items to really boost our prizes and auction items, or if you know any pre-1995 past parents and players who would be interested in receiving an invitation.

Saturday, 21 March 2020
Gladys Bell Room, Corio Campus
1st and 2nd Teams End of Season Afternoon Tea

Sunday, 22 March 2020
Bender Centre, Corio Campus
Family Tennis Tournament
We hope to repeat last year’s great fun event where we had over 80 participants. Come along even if you don’t want to play. Let's make it bigger and better in 2020 and showcase how popular tennis is at GGS with students and their families.