MAY 2019


The 2018-19 Cricket season has finished for another year. All 7 Geelong Grammar School teams represented us with pride and honour throughout the summer.

Our First XI team had a remarkable year. Despite injuries to key personnel throughout the season, the boys refused to submit at any point, which lead to them still vying for the APS title in the last hour on the last Saturday of the season. Whilst we fell agonisingly short of what would have been an incredible outright victory against St Kevin's and ultimately the grand prize as a result, the team and coaching staff can hold their heads high in the knowledge that they gave themselves every opportunity to succeed against all odds.

Our two Third XI teams (3rd XI Blue and 3rd XI Gold) had mixed success throughout the season. The Blue team, consisting of Year 10 and 11 students, won as many games as they lost and applied themselves admirably with an evolving team list from week to week. The Gold team, comprising of almost all Year 12 students, thoroughly enjoyed their matches each week. Whilst they only registered the one victory for the season, they will leave the cricket programme with many fond memories of their time playing for the school.

We entered a 10A team again this year. It is always a tough ask for students coming back from Timbertop and 14 months away from the game. The upside, however, is that these talented young cricketers get to play against the best opposition of their age group, which will stand them in good stead as a number of them transition into our First XI squad next season. Whilst success eluded them in the ‘Wins’ column, a strong off-season will ensure they are capable of putting their best foot forward next summer.

Our Middle School teams all displayed terrific improvement across their respective seasons. Our Year 7 team were undefeated for the season. They have plenty of depth across the squad and will provide many highlights representing the school in the years to come. Our Year 8 team displayed remarkable development during the year.  Having lost their opening three games, the boys gelled mid-season to win their final four matches and finish on a high, playing their final fixture on the hallowed Main Oval turf! Our 7/8 combined team featured many first time and developing cricketers across both genders. They held their own each week and played the game with incredible amounts of respect, humility and enjoyment.

One of the highlights for the season was our end of year Presentation Dinner for students from Year 7-12. It was wonderful to watch our Middle and Senior School students support one another and share in each other’s successes. We also tried to create this ‘club’ atmosphere with weekly Thursday evening selection BBQ’s at the Tunbridge Pavilion, including students across all year levels.

2019-Cricket-Presentation-Dinner-01 2019-Cricket-Presentation-Dinner-02


We warmly congratulate the following students:


John Hendry Batting Award - Max Hatzoglou 337 @ 30.6

Simon Fullerton Bowling Award - Caleb Serong 28 @ 12.1

David Oman Most Improved Player Award - Leo Hatzoglou

Owen Moore Most Valuable Player Award - Caleb Serong


3rd XI GOLD:

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - Elliot Carr

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - Clay Page

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Jack Chomley

3rd XI BLUE:

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - Jack Wilson

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - Deklan King

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Mitch Makin


GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - Angus Alexander

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - Max Grodski

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Archie Lord & Tom Spiden


GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - Ned Cole

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - Will Bull

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Riley Turner & Archie McGrath


GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - James Pincott

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - David Roberts

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Ruby McCormick


Cricket Club 2019 - Batting Award - Jack Headon

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Bowling Award - Kailen Waddick

GGS Cricket Club 2019 - Team Award - Alexander Davis


A special thanks must go to our coaches. Cricket is an arduous sport to take on. Often our coaches also umpire, score and manage teams all at the same time over many hours. The fact the boys are always so enthusiastic and motivated is a testament to the work done by these wonderful role-models. Many thanks to Damian Shanahan, Jarrod Walters, Shaun Dean, Paul Durbridge, Henry Alexander, Jonno Thomson, Geoff Steele, Tony Humphreys, Michael Krause, Peter Sherwin, Harry Guest, Will Harrison and Jamie Boyd. Thank-you also to Matthew Walsh who does such an amazing job as 1st XI Team Manager, and to our fantastic Groundsmen: Josh Inglis, Shaun Dean and Shane Marriott for their tireless efforts in preparing many impeccable playing surfaces for our teams.

Personally, having completed my first season as the Teacher in Charge, after taking over from the great David Oman (after 21 years at the helm), I would just like to thank everyone for their support. I have been fortunate to walk into such a great cricketing culture and can only hope to be able continue the proud traditions we have here at Geelong Grammar School.

As we look ahead, we have a number of exciting events and programmes. We are working on a Middle School team tour to Brisbane in the September holidays. Work has already begun on once again offering a Senior School tour to the United Kingdom in 2020. 

We are also planning to host a Dinner towards the end of the year for all past and present members of the GGS Cricket fraternity. Once details are finalised, you will receive an invitation to attend this event. 

Finally, we are very welcoming of anyone who would like to become involved in our programmes. Please let me know if there is something you think you can offer or would like to assist with to ensure we continue to offer the best possible experiences for all involved.

Yours in GGS Cricket,

Jye Hearps
Teacher in Charge