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Resilience with Dr. Lucy Hone

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About Lucy:

Dr Lucy Hone is a research associate at AUT University. As well as having her scientific research published in leading academic journals internationally, she writes for the Sunday Star Times and Psychology Today. Having been trained by the thought-leaders in the field at the University of Pennsylvania, she completed a PhD in public health at AUT. She now assists organisations – from leading law and aviation firms, to schools and health practitioners – to design and implement wellbeing initiatives creating sustained and meaningful change. The widespread respect for Lucy’s work is demonstrated by two large-scale projects she is currently running involving dozens of NZ schools, backed by Ministry of Education funding. The sudden death of her 12-year old daughter, Abi, and friends in 2014, forced Lucy to turn her substantial academic training and professional practice to foster resilience in very personal circumstances. The blog she wrote in the aftermath of Abi’s death attracted international attention and resulted in the best-selling non-fiction title, What Abi Taught Us, Strategies for Resilient Grieving (Allen & Unwin, 2016), now available as Resilient Grieving in the US, UK and NZ. She is now much in demand as a Keynote speaker and workshop presenter fostering resilience among diverse populations and organisations, both in NZ and internationally.

Key information:

How are grief and trauma different from each other?
How schools can start with wellbeing and resilience training.
What is the 10 things they loved exercise, and how can it assist us with the grieving process?
What are some ways we can assist people responding to trauma on a community and individual level?
What is the importance of rituals in our society today?
What resonated with the people of Christchurch in response to the devastating earthquake in 2011?
Insights from The Educators’ Guide to Building Whole-school Wellbeing, which was co-written by Dr Hone and will be available in 2020.
Why is the term Positive Education no longer being used in New Zealand?

Episode Content:

00:00 – Introduction and welcome
02:26 – How did Lucy get into Positive Psychology? 
03:47 – When did Lucy begin her PhD?
05:58 – What is Lucy’s PhD focus?
07:54 – What resonated most with the people of Christchurch as they addressed the trauma of the 2011 earthquake? 
09:32 – The loss of Abi, Lucy’s daughter.
11:58 – Resilient Grieving and the work that Lucy has done with that subject.
14:11 – What other influences apart from Positive Psychology has Lucy drawn on?
16:10 – Why are rituals important?
21:19 – Lucy’s current work as the Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience
23:23 – Insights from The Educators’ Guide to Building Whole-school Wellbeing, which was co-written by Dr Hone and will be available in 2020.
25:29 – Where are New Zealand schools at with Positive Education?
27:56 – Lucy’s TED Talk
31:55 – Wrap-up and farewell

Episode Resources:

Resilient Grieving : Finding Strength and Embracing Life After a Loss That Changes Everything
One Wild and Precious Life
Dr. Lucy Hone - TEDx Talk
New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience

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