Dear Families and Friends of Geelong Grammar School,

I am writing in gratitude for and in celebration of our exceptional community. I am delighted to announce that we have exceeded our target of $1,000,000 for our inaugural GGS Giving Day: together we raised $1,142,451 through the support of more than 545 donors in the space of 24 hours. Thanks to the efforts of our Advancement Team and the generosity of our matched donors, donations made on the day were tripled until we reached our target; this tripling boosted fundraising efforts for our new Australian Rural and Regional Scholarship, as well as other scholarships and appeals. We remain hopeful that this outcome will enable a student who could not otherwise access a GGS education to commence with us in 2021.

Our students today are supported in their access to unique learning opportunities because of the enduring generosity of our community; a community that believes in the transformational influence of education. The inaugural GGS Giving Day highlighted our School’s culture of giving, especially in uniting as a community to raise vital funds to benefit students from remote, rural and regional areas. We are still warmly accepting donations for the Australian Rural and Regional Scholarship, as well as other scholarship and fundraising opportunities of interest, via the GGS Giving Day campaign; please note, the matching of gifts has now been completed.

It is with heartfelt appreciation and respect that I acknowledge all those whose ongoing support and donations enable Geelong Grammar School to energise opportunities for learners; thank you!

Yours in gratitude and celebration,
Rebecca Cody