The 2022 Biddlecombe Society Bellarine Peninsula lunch took place at Barwon heads Golf Club on Thursday 24th March. This was a special event as it celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Biddlecombe Society. 

In the absence of our Chairman, Charlie Sutherland (P’86) and Chair of Foundation, Penny McBain, the new visual identity for the Biddlecombe Society was unveiled by Co-President, Bill Ranken (M’72). There was a great turnout including our three centurions, Boz Parsons (M’36) and his wonderful wife, Barbara Parsons together with Bill Mackie (P’39).

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Biddlecombe Society, a membership book was presented to Paddy Handbury (M’72), as Chair of School Council, who in accepting the book, spoke about the important role the bequest programme and Biddlecombe Society play in the future sustainability of Geelong Grammar School. The book contained the names of those who have kindly included the School and Foundation in their future planning to date and will record all those that do so in the future. New pins with the new visual identity were also distributed to mark the occasion. Paddy returned the book to the Biddlecombe Society so that it can be displayed at future events and visits.

A very interesting Q/A session was chaired by Bill Ranken (M’72), with Lilli Cowan (He’21) and Margie Gillett (Cordner – Clyde School ’71).  Following a wonderfully insightful video on Timbertop, Lilli (a HOGA scholarship recipient) and Margie (President of COGA) spoke about their individual journeys through Geelong Grammar and Clyde School respectively. It was interesting to hear about the opportunities they had to learn and develop through what is an exceptional education.

Looking forward, we are excited about 2022 as it promises to be another wonderful year for the bequest programme and Biddlecombe Society, with future events in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney as well as a number of interstate trips and visits for our members.