The National Gallery of Victoria was chosen as the venue for our annual Melbourne Biddlecombe Society lunch. The splendid venue ensured that we had a wonderful response of over 90% to the invitation which was reflected in the attendance on the day.

It was pleasing that Chair of Council, Paddy Handbury (M’72) and Principal, Rebecca Cody attended the lunch which was ably led by Charlie Sutherland (P’86), as Chairman of the Biddlecombe Society. Charlie led two Q&A sessions, firstly with the current school captains, Ellie Austin and Ned Cole and then past scholarship recipient Tillie Pridham (Cl’19) and Head of Creative Arts at Geelong Grammar School, Peter Bajer.

All speakers helped paint a wonderful picture of scholarships at Geelong Grammar School, in particular to the Creative Arts. Whether as a teacher, student, scholarship recipient or benefactor, guests were given a very detailed and at times emotive insight into the effect such an award has on all parties involved. The feedback from the lunch has been extremely positive.