The Geelong Grammar School Equestrian Dressage Day was held on Sunday 24 February 2019 at the David William Robert Knox Equestrian Centre.  It was a beautiful summer day and an exciting event with more than 40 schools involved and 180 students competing. The Geelong Grammar Equestrian community has a great reputation for being extremely friendly and supportive of all members, which is passionately led by Marina Oman. It was a joy to witness this inclusive environment on the day of this event, with many members volunteering their time to ensure the day was a huge success.

The Geelong Grammar Foundation invited past students, past and current parents to enjoy an afternoon tea in the impressive David William Robert Knox Equestrian Centre. Each attendee had been instrumental in supporting the Equestrian programme at Geelong Grammar School. This event provided an opportunity for donors to see this impressive facility operating in full swing firsthand.

People returning for the first time were overwhelmed on how the Equestrian programme had grown. The upgrade to the facility enables the students to ride early in the morning and after dark in a safe environment, protected from the elements.

The David William Robert Knox Equestrian Centre enables students who love riding for competition or pleasure in all disciplines to continue their passion while they are at school. It is a wonderful opportunity for those passionate about horsemanship to enhance their equestrian skills while they are boarding.

We hope our donors felt proud to watch the Geelong Grammar School Equestrian team compete and support each other. Our students are now enjoying world class facilities, which would have not been possible without the generous support of donors.