Throughout 2022, the School has been acknowledging two significant anniversaries: 20 years since the founding of the Biddlecombe Society and 50 years since the start of coeducation at Geelong Grammar School.

It was therefore very fitting that the Biddlecombe Society, supported by the Geelong Grammar Foundation, hosted its annual Melbourne lunch on Thursday 6 October at the MCG in the Jim Stynes Grill room. Biddlecombe Society members, together with donors and interested guests, combined to make it a memorable event, welcoming the Principal, Rebecca Cody and current School Captains, Caitie Remen and Harry Roe, together with students from 1972; the year Geelong Grammar embarked upon its coeducational journey. 

A particularly entertaining Q/A session was held with Caitie and Harry, ably led by our Chairman, Charlie Sutherland (P’86). It was also lovely to hear from one of the 1972 cohort, Carole Dunk (Li’72), who spoke before leading us in grace ahead of lunch.

It has been a very successful year for the bequest programme and Biddlecombe Society with the membership continuing to grow and strong interest in the programme throughout the wider Geelong Grammar community.