Thank You!

Thank you for so generously supporting the Boz Parsons Scholarship. We are excited to share with you that gifts to support the Boz Parsons Scholarship have now exceeded $567,000, with the most recent fundraising effort to celebrate Boz’s 103rd birthday seeing a further $121,500 contributed.

Boz and Barb Parsons have been humbled by the support received for the scholarship.


At 103 and 100 respectively, they remain deeply committed and connected members of the Geelong Grammar School community and have recorded a message of thanks to acknowledge those who have given. A scholarship recipient himself, we are so pleased that the Boz Parsons Scholarship will support students from rural and regional areas to access a Geelong Grammar School education. We welcome your further contribution to support the Boz Parsons Scholarship below.

Thank you again for your gift to honour Boz and ensure more students can be offered the opportunity of a Geelong Grammar School education.

Yours sincerely
Penny McBain


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The Boz Parsons Scholarship is established in honour of legendary Manifold House Housemaster Cecil ‘Boz’ Parsons (M’36).

Boz joined GGS as a student in 1927 from his home in the Western District of Victoria. He was the beneficiary of the Bertie Manifold Scholarship.

“I was a scholarship boy and I felt very indebted to the School and I felt that it was incumbent upon me to do the very best that I could …”

After graduating from the University of Melbourne and distinguished service as a bomber pilot in WWII, Boz returned to Geelong Grammar School in 1962. Teaching Agricultural Science and Chemistry, he served as Housemaster of Manifold House from 1965-1978 and Master of Corio from 1978-1979.

The Boz Parsons Scholarship will support students from rural and regional areas to access a Geelong Grammar School education.

“It seems entirely appropriate and fitting that we should be establishing a scholarship in Boz’s name. He represents the absolute apotheosis of what scholarship are about and what is possible for people who have been given that opportunity. Now more than ever, we need to create more opportunities for people to come here.”
Mary Morton (Weatherly, CI’85)


The Geelong Grammar Foundation, together with Geelong Grammar School, would like to thank our School community for their wonderful generosity to get us to this point.

Our overall goal is to raise $1M to provide an annual scholarship that will make it possible for a rural or regional student to attend Geelong Grammar School.

There are many ways to contribute and be part of this special scholarship. You can make a single gift or a pledge over three to five years. We kindly invite you to support this outstanding scholarship opportunity and offer a life changing experience to future students from our rural and regional areas of Australia.


For further information or to discuss your contribution to the Boz Parsons Scholarship please contact Josephine Tito in the Advancement Office on +61 3 5273 9349 or at