The Richard James Chester Guest Memorial Scholarship was established by the family of Richard Guest (FB’79) in his memory.

Richard left Geelong Grammar School just over 40 years ago and was ready to take on the world. He was clever, curious and engaged in everything that came his way. Apart from his school work, where he excelled in the sciences, he sailed, loved woodwork and metalwork and was an early adopter of Dungeons and Dragons games.

At Timbertop, he discovered not only its unique lessons in teamwork, but a love of the bush and a passion for conservation and the environment. There weren’t many cars in Melbourne emblazoned with ‘No Dams’ stickers in the early 80s, but Richard made sure the Guest family had them.

Geelong Grammar School gave Richard the tools to go out and do whatever he set his mind to – save the planet, change the world or climb the professional ladder. He was set to make his mark and bring others along with him.

He graduated as Dux of the School and he commenced a Law/Science degree at Melbourne University. Sadly, he never finished the course. He died on 1 November 1983 before his enormous potential could be realised.

Richard is remembered as a mentor to his peers, inspiring and sharing his love of learning with those he shared a classroom. It is hoped that the recipient of this scholarship will emulate Richard’s love of learning and the sciences, as well as inspire others to share this same passion.

We invite you to make a gift to support the Richard James Chester Guest Memorial Scholarship.