Our students are supported in their access to an exceptional education by the enduring generosity of our School community; a community that believes in the influence of education as a transformational strength.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our community, last year we raised a total of $1.364 million for our inaugural GGS Giving Day in support of launching the Australian Rural and Regional Scholarship.

We continue our strong focus on scholarships, which have the power to be life-changing, as they increase diversity within the School community and provide future students with a range of opportunities which they may otherwise be unable to access. Generous gifts from donors allow the School to provide 25% of secondary students with financial assistance through the Scholarship Programme.

Alongside our Scholarship Programme, renewal and development of School buildings continues with one capital works project of focus at any one time. Currently, the Timbertop Unit Refurbishment Project is the ongoing focus for the School. There are a number of scholarships that are seeking ongoing philanthropic support-