An annex of the Institute of Positive Education is set to be established at Heathmont College following the Victorian Government's $5.5 million commitment to Positive Education in the Victorian Budget for 2018/19.

The funding will deliver a new integrated Wellbeing Centre, which will provide the Institute of Positive Education with space to deliver training to more than 20 schools in Melbourne’s east. The $5.5 million grant enhances the concept of Positive Education and the growing partnership between the government, the City of Maroondah, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education Centre for Positive Psychology and the Institute of Positive Education. The Institute is recognised as a world leader in training and implementing Positive Education. This new partnership, which is the first of its kind in Australia, will build on the City of Maroondah’s Communities of Wellbeing work and help guide schools in Melbourne’s east to implement Positive Education in their curriculums.

Edwina Ricci, Heathmont College’s Head of Positive Education, has welcomed the upgrade and believes positive psychology - “the science of flourishing” - has the power to positively impact children and help them to learn the skills to live their best life.

“If you think about your physical fitness, to get fit, you have to run around the block and go to the gym. To get mentally fit, you have to undertake some changes to your thinking,” she said.

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan region Shaun Leane, is confident the new Wellbeing Centre will provide students with a strong foundation on which they can build a successful life.

“This innovative partnership and new wellbeing hub will provide our kids with every opportunity to flourish,” he said.

The Institute of Positive Education continues to work with schools in the City of Maroondah as part of the ‘Plus 10 Project’. Plus 10 stems from the idea that traditional psychology has classified people in distress using a scale from zero to negative 10. However, Positive Psychology in an education landscape focuses on flourishing and helping students to rise above zero, placing them in the Plus 10 range.The Institute of Positive Education offers all schools in the City of Maroondah an opportunity to take part in a programme that offers on-site training for staff and tailored courses.