On Saturday 2 March, the School welcomed more than 200 guests to Corio Campus for the reopening of Clyde House following a major refurbishment. In sweltering conditions, the day began with a reunion lunch in the Dining Hall prior to the reopening ceremony in the Clyde courtyard.

Speakers at the reopening included Chair of Council, Jeremy Kirkwood, Principal, Rebecca Cody, OGG President, Margie Gillett (Cordner, Clyde'71) and Clyde House Captain, Meg Watkins. Jeremy outlined the importance of House refurbishments, with Clyde being the fifth Senior School boarding house to undergo a complete refurbishment in recent years in addition to the construction of Elisabeth Murdoch house. Meg gave an insight into what the "new" Clyde means to the current cohort, while recognising that the refurbishment was able to maintain some of the classic elements of Clyde house.

"What this renovation has managed to provide is not only a brand new space with an incredible tennis court, new rooms and common areas but it has also managed to preserve a lot of what made Clyde, Clyde," Meg said in her speech.

"This renovation will help Clyde, as a house, create stronger connections between the girls and provide so much more room for growth in all aspects of our day-to-day lives. On behalf of the Clyde girls, I would like to thank everyone who helped this idea become a reality. The current generation, and many generations to come, really appreciate your work!"