Millie Ritchie is the School's top VCE performer for 2019, achieving an ATAR of 96.55 when results were released on Thursday 12 December. Millie studied Chemistry, French, Literature and Maths Methods (CAS) in 2019, having completed Equine Studies (VET) and Physical Education in Year 11; achieving a study score of 48 in the latter. 135 GGS students completed the VCE in 2019, with 73 IB candidates set to receive their results on Friday 3 January. The median ATAR for our VCE students in 2019 is 68.7, with 11.1% of GGS VCE students achieving an ATAR in the top 10% of the state. Ginger Cordell (95.5), Millie a'Beckett (95.5) and Charlie Gill (95.3) each achieved an ATAR of over 95, while Year 11 student Flynn Angus achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Business Management. 


Millie, from Mansfield, joined the School in Clyde House in Year 10. "I was very excited when I checked my results this morning, and certainly didn't expect to get the top (VCE) score," Millie said excitedly. She hopes to study Vet Science at Charles Sturt University's Wagga Wagga Campus. When asked what she will remember most fondly about her time at the School, Millie offered a common response; the boarding house. "Just being around Clyde with all the girls... I think I'll miss that the most." During her time at GGS, Miliie excelled for the School's Equestrian team and represented Victoria at the National Interschool Championships in 2019 and hopes to continue to compete at State and National level beyond school. 


Ginger, from Bronte, started her GGS journey at Timbertop before spending her Senior School years in Elisabeth Murdoch House. "I was really hoping to get in the 90s or high 80s so I was very happy when I received my results this morning," Ginger said. Her level of achievement has forced a bit of a re-think, having originally applied for courses requiring at ATAR of 85. "It opens a few doors I thought may be closed, so we'll see." Across VCE and IB, Ginger was part of a strong academic group in Elisabeth Murdoch this year. "We were a group of hard working girls who drove and motivated one another, whilst also still having a lot of fun," she said of EM. "Having my best friends right next door all working towards the same thing... it was a great dynamic."


Millie, from Corio, came to the School in Year 11 and was a Day Boarder in Fraser. When asked what she enjoyed most about life in the boarding house, Millie suggested it would be the little things that she'll remember most fondly. "Just being around the boarding house; seeing everyone each day and meals in the Dining Hall," she said. The strong connections with teachers and house staff and the ease of access when seeking academic assistance is another thing Millie will miss as she progresses to tertiary study. "They're just so ready to help and having that contact with House tutors each night was great." Millie was captain of the School's Sailing team in 2019 and duly received Colours for Sailing, as well as Academic Work. She hopes to study Science at the University of Melbourne with an eye to progressing to a Master of Engineering. 


Charlie, from Fitzroy North, joined the School in Year 9 at Timbertop as an Academic Scholar. He was House Captain of Allen in 2019 and was awarded a number of prizes for academic work in addition to the Geelong Grammar Foundation Prize for Service. Charlie's experience when seeing his raw subject scores on Thursday morning was likely mirrored by hundreds of students across the state. "My stomach sank at first glance I was hoping for better scores in pretty much every subject, but after seeing my ATAR I realised four of the five subjects scaled to 40 or more," Charlie said. "I would have been disappointed with anything under 95 so with this I've matched my expectations." Charlie and his acoustic guitar became synonymous with House Music in Senior School, and he hopes to spend his Gap year in 2020 "making music, playing music, and making a short film or two." Down the line, he wants to attend film school.