Local student, Pippi Callan (Yr12 Fr), achieved the School's top VCE score of 99.25 when results were released on Monday 12 December.

Pippi achieved two perfect study scores of 50 - in Further Mathematics this year and Business Management in Year 11 - as well as a 40 in French. "I was pretty surprised," Pippi said upon receiving her ATAR. "(It) was quite a bit higher than I expected."

Pippi received the Business Management Prize, the ANZ Prize for Industry and the John Furneaux Mann Memorial Prize, as well as Colours for Academic Work and Sailing (of which she was Captain in 2016). 


The 18-year-old from Newtown started at the School in Year 7, attended Timbertop in Year 9 and was a day boarder in Fraser House for her remaining years. Among VCE students in 2016, the three highest ATAR scores at the School were achieved by students in Fraser House. "It's an exceptionally put-together house built on great relationships," Pippi said. "From Academic results to winning House Music, Fraser has been a great place to spend Year 12." 

As for the future, achieving results beyond your expectations can create a little uncertainty. Pippi was originally planning to study Law but, given her ATAR, is now looking at a Commerce/ International Security Studies double-degree at ANU.

In 2016, the School had 156 VCE candidates and 53 International Baccalaureate (IB) candidates (IB results will be released on January 4). Our VCE students achieved a 100% pass rate with a median ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 75.13, which means the top half of our VCE students were in the top 24.87% of the State. 18 VCE students (11.7%) achieved an ATAR score of 90 or better (top 10%) and three students achieved a perfect VCE study score of 50 – Pippi Callan (Yr12 Fr), Alice Chirnside (Yr12 Cl) and Angus McKillop (Yr12 Cu); each in Further Mathematics.