Yao Xiao, Jacky Zhang and Frank Zhao created a video exploring a day in the life of an international student, which was duly recognised as one of the top three winners by the Victorian Government on Thursday 22 February.


The video follows Yao through a typical day at Geelong Grammar School, beginning in the Handbury Centre gym. "Going to the gym in the mornings with my friends has become part of my life," Yao explains. Yao goes on to mention that the opportunity to have an earlier breakfast is a motivating factor for his early-morning workouts. Morning classes lead into lunch - as we see empty plate after empty plate pile on top of one another - before afternoon classes, after-school sport, dinner and, of course, study. "No matter where I live or which school I go to, I can never run away from school work," Yao said, serving as a reminder that for all the differences in schools across the globe, there remains one constant.

All three boys moved to Australia from China; Yao began in Year 8 at Middle School, while Frank and Jacky started at Timbertop in Year 9. The trio spent a few weeks planning the short film, then another week filming and endless time after that editing and fine-tuning the final version; filtering through over 300 movie files to complete their three-minute film.


The video competition is an initiative of the state government designed to enhance the experience for international students studying and living in Victoria.