A Memorial Service to give thanks for the life of long-serving Timbertop staff member Jan Purcell will be held at Timbertop on Friday 27 January at 1.00pm. All are most welcome.

Jan died on Tuesday 17 January following a short illness. Although Jan had been on leave since October last year, her death has been sudden and unexpected.

Jan Purcell

Jan lived her life at the heart of the Timbertop community. She was Assistant to the Head of Campus for 32 years, appointed to the position by Jeremy Madin in 1984.

In an article in the August 2011 issue of Light Blue magazine, Jan said that she "quickly came to understand that things were never done to a half measure" at Timbertop, which reflected her ongoing dedication and passion for the place.

"The easy road was never taken. Hard things and situations were embraced and dealt with every day. The place simply hummed with the busy-ness of nurturing independence, self-reliance and responsibility for oneself and one's environment. Working at Timbertop has been a wonderful insight into what happens within this unique boarding school environment and a perfect opportunity to observe the closeness and bonds that grow between not only students but staff and students and staff and their colleagues."

If you are able to attend the Memorial Service, Timbertop staff have requested you bring a small stone or pebble to form part of a permanent memorial for Jan on the campus. If you are unable to attend and would like to contribute to the memorial, Tom Hall, Head of Timbertop, has asked you post a small stone or pebble to Timbertop.