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The Institute of Positive Education spreads its wings and increases its international footprint.

The passionate and dedicated team has expanded its offices to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada this year, fulfilling its purpose of placing wellbeing at the heart of education and bringing a whole new dimension to its world-renowned Positive Education programmes.

In a country where schools are required to commit to Positive Education, the Institute sees the UAE as an exciting opportunity to expand its services. Dubai is an international hub that accommodates a wide-variety of cultures, religions and a diverse range of schools. The Institute aims to not only deliver its programmes in the region but also harness the best of the UAE’s approach to education and bring this learning back to Geelong Grammar School.

The Institute is also highly regarded in Canada. Much like Australia, Positive Education is relatively new educational territory and the Institute sees this as a wonderful opportunity to expand its reach and continue to test the international market.

The Institute believes it has a responsibility to contribute to education worldwide. Positive Education provides a new kind of exceptional education. It is where the science of wellbeing and flourishing meets best practice teaching and learning. Through its commitment to Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School has shown that wellbeing is the foundation to flourishing and is just as important as academic learning.

Last year, Geelong Grammar School celebrated a decade of Positive Education which has contributed to the transformation of thousands of individuals, teachers and schools worldwide. From humble beginnings in 2008, thanks to a number of key individuals, the Institute of Positive Education has established itself as a global leader in implementing wellbeing science in schools.

Justin Robinson, Director of the Institute is incredibly proud of what the team has achieved and thrilled with the growing international recognition. When detailing the journey of the Institute’s beginnings, from once a local wellbeing programme to now running more than 120 comprehensive wellbeing courses around the globe each year, he said ‘it was always meant to be more.’

‘Our services have grown due to the demand and I knew this was something we could always do,’ he said. ‘Our goal is to inspire the world to place wellbeing at the heart of education and therefore enable all individuals and communities to flourish. These new developments take us one step closer to realising this dream,’ noted Justin.

The Institute is now at the cutting edge of a growing field, with people all around the world traveling to participate in its courses. Leading the start-up of its international venture is the Institute’s Associate Director, David Bott, with Regional Managers Dr. Ronald Lalonde based at our Dubai headquarters and Tamara Lechner based at our Canada headquarters.

Dr. Ronald Lalonde brings 20 years of international education experience and has held leadership positions at schools in England, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. Tamara Lechner has a diverse background that spans entrepreneurship and wellbeing in education. Both are responsible for delivering the Institute’s transformational educational programmes and have already started hosting presentations and school visits in the short time since joining the Institute.

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