Mi7 Survey FAQs

What is the Mi7 Survey?

The Mi7 Survey is a student wellbeing measurement instrument, which captures the key elements of a flourishing life for young people and reports it as seven related areas of wellbeing:

  • Positive Relationships
  • Positive Emotions
  • Positive Health
  • Positive Engagement
  • Positive Accomplishment
  • Positive Purpose
  • Character Strengths

 The Mi7 Survey puts in your hands up-to-the-minute data on the wellbeing of your (non-identified) students.


Who is the Mi7 Survey for?

The Mi7 Survey is for any school that is committed to the wellbeing of their students. Having relevant, actionable wellbeing data at your fingertips supports strategic direction, implementation plans, evidence-informed practice, and continuous improvement of wellbeing initiatives. We believe this survey will assist your school with harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges faced in the implementation of a sustainable, whole-school approach to wellbeing.


Who can do the Mi7 Survey?

The survey is suitable for ages 8-18+.


What are the features and benefits of the Mi7 Survey?

Download our brochure: click here.


Can I find out more about the Mi7 Survey questions?

Yes! Please contact us here to find out more about the Mi7 Survey questions.


How long does the Mi7 Survey take to complete?

The approximately 55-item survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete, age depending. There are optional modules that can be added to the core survey, which could add up to 15 minutes to survey completion time.


When can we do the Mi7 Survey?

Whenever suits your schedule.


What does the Mi7 Survey cost?

AUD$5 +GST per student survey and can be used up to twice in a year.


What happens after the Mi7 Survey?

Go to your Reporting Portal! Your interactive data will be ready, and your reports available for immediate download.

Please contact us if you need us to re-send your portal login details.


Can I review the Reporting Portal?

Yes, you can test drive our exclusive interactive online portal by going to:


username: DemonstrationPortal

password: demo

We also have a short tour video of the Reporting Portal so you can see how to access and explore the Mi7 Survey data:

Virtual Tour 5x3


How do we get started?

Contact us via phone: +61 3 5227 6222

Or email: institute@ggs.vic.edu.au


Do you have other surveys?

At the moment, the Student Survey is our only available wellbeing survey. We are in the process of developing a wellbeing survey for staff and one for parents. We hope to launch these new surveys in early 2021.


How was the Mi7 Survey developed?

Our survey has been co-developed with Resilient Youth Australia and the Department of Justice and Society (Psychology) at the University of South Australia.

Learn More.


Do you have a Data Policy?

Yes, please click here for more information.


Do you provide additional services and products?

Yes, we offer a range of services and products to support schools in building a positive culture that places wellbeing at the heart of education, including:

·       Consultancy

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, as well as your school’s Mi7 Survey data, our consultancy services will assist your school to harness the opportunities and address the challenges faced in the implementation of a sustainable, evidence-informed, whole-school approach to wellbeing.

For more information about our tailored consultancy services, please visit: www.ggs.vic.edu.au/Institute/consultancy-services

·       Training

We offer training courses designed to meaningfully impact the wellbeing of both educators and their students, allowing them to flourish inside and outside the classroom. Our courses are supported by empirical research encouraging you to explore the key concepts and skills of Positive Education in a practical and dynamic way.

For more information about our current courses and upcoming dates, please visit: www.ggs.vic.edu.au/Institute/training

·       Curriculum

PEEC is research-based explicit Positive Education curriculum that has been developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (age four) through to Year 12. The curriculum is built on ten years of experience with Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School and is designed in consultation with world-renowned researchers in the field of positive psychology.

For more information about our PEEC curriculum, please visit: www.ggs.vic.edu.au/Institute/Resources/curriculum