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Over the past few months, Bacchus Marsh Primary School, inregional Victoria, has been piloting the Institute of Positive Education’s PositiveEducation Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC). With the Curriculum now available forpre-sale and garnering interest from local and international schools, we caughtup with the school to hear about their experiences.

Bacchus Marsh Primary School prides itself on fostering a sense ofwarmth which makes everyone feel welcome. The school opens up to a friendly andinclusive community that embraces natural greetings with genuinely happyconnected staff and students.

Inclusive practices are at the forefront of Bacchus Marsh PrimarySchool, with their specialist Positive Education program providing anopportunity for all students to harness their passion. Focusing heavily onCharacter Strengths at all levels, students draw upon their own individualstrengths which further develops their social and emotional vocabulary andrenews their focus and competency.

Principal Melinda Williams first heard about PEEC when one of herstaff members attended the Introductionto Positive Education workshop in mid-2018. Following furtherdiscussions with Institute of Positive Education staff, she agreed to pilot theexplicit curriculum this year.

We chose to pilot PEECbecause we felt that explicit curriculum support is extremely important. We highly value the research informed,evidence based explicit teaching that we can undertake in a confident manner.The curriculum is so flexible and provides a wonderful opportunity forresponsive teaching on a daily and weekly basis.’

‘What canbe cooler than developing emotional and social efficacy?’ she says.

Schools are the centre of communities and theInstitute is excited to see Bacchus Marsh Primary School fostering wellbeing throughdomains such as Character Strengths, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness and Gratitude.

Drawing on a decade of experience of PositiveEducation at Geelong Grammar School, the Director of the Institute JustinRobinson, says, ‘It is an absoluteimportant, invaluable process to teach our students these skills and knowledgefor wellbeing. These stand-alone lessons can be tailored to the schoolsspecific needs and can also complement existing curriculum.’

Bacchus Marsh Primary School is passionate and committed toPositive Education as a whole-school approach and have invested in every staffmember undertaking Positive Education training. The school started piloting PEECat the beginning of the year and has already seen a positive impact. Even inthe early days of implementing the curriculum, students are more motivated andconcentration levels have been enhanced in creative and responsive ways.

The research-based explicit Positive Educationcurriculum is aimed at students from Early Learning (four years of age) throughto Year 12 and offers over 280 developmentally appropriate lesson plans. Thecurriculum is also built on ten years of practice wisdom at Geelong GrammarSchool and has been designed in consultation with world-renowned researchers inthe field of positive psychology.

PEECwill be available for Australian and international schools in July 2019, and weare invitingteachers to register their interest by completing a pre-order. Those who pre-order will gointo the draw to win an advisory service for their school valued a $1000.