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Kellett School is one of the Institute’s international partner schools, having first experienced our Discovering Positive Education course in 2014.

Kellett, a leading British curriculum school, has earned an enviable reputation as one of the finest international schools in Hong Kong with the school developing their own Positive Education initiative called Positively Kellett, which launched in 2018.

The Positively Kellett programme was the result of more than four years’ preparation, collaboration, specialist training and consultation with the Institute of Positive Education, where educators learned the key principles from the fields of Positive Psychology and wellbeing science before launching it in their community.

When detailing the school’s journey with the Institute, Matt Seddon, Deputy Head of the Senior School says that ‘There is a growing amount of stress amongst students these days. Kellett has always prided itself on providing a world class level of pastoral care, but we felt that we needed to do more to enhance this.’

‘Our Positive Education approach wasn’t formalised until we started collaborating with the Institute of Positive Education. We really wanted to learn from the IPE and see how Positive Education could impact our community.’

‘Positive Education looks at the person, the student, the individual. If students feel happy, valued and safe, then we know that the educational outcomes will follow.’ he says.

Kellett piloted the Institute’s Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) prior to its full launch in August this year. The school worked closely with the Institute to successfully map PEEC lessons to the Preparatory School’s curriculum and align PEEC lessons to their framework for Years 7-13. It’s interesting to note that this was done without losing any other lessons and without adjusting the length of the school day.

‘PEEC fits in perfectly with our students, curriculum and our whole community.’ Matt says.

‘We are already seeing our students report higher levels of wellbeing and an even higher perception of their relationships with staff when comparing against our baseline data. They are growing in independence, and are more assured of who they are. It is helping us deliver our school aim that students will have a Love of Learning and Confidence For Life ’

‘It’s thought through as a sequence but it also stands alone individually. The design makes it very easy for teachers to pick up and run with it. It’s really well sequenced, the research is there, but there is also an incredible amount of variety to each lesson to cope with every different learning style.’

The Institute also mapped the schools’ full year calendar for opportunities where PEEC could value-add to the events and activities that were already scheduled. Lessons around Mindfulness were used in order to support students before exams, and lessons around Character Strengths and Resilience were best placed in preparation for school camps.

Kirsty Whitwood, the Global Citizenship Coordinator at Kellett feels lucky that the school has formed a long standing relationship with the Institute of Positive Education. ‘We are a number of years into our Positive Education journey’ she says. ‘Cultivating wellbeing is something that Kellett has always done well. But introducing PEEC has really enhanced the profile of Positive Education at Kellett. The fact we are dedicating explicit teaching time through PEEC shows our students and our community how much we really value Positive Education and our students wellbeing.’

PEEC is the first curriculum of its kind, providing educators with a well-researched framework, a bank of over 280 Positive Education lessons and associated resources that draws on the Institute’s extensive experience in delivering Positive Education in schools since 2008.

The Institute has been overwhelmed with the response and interest from schools and is undertaking additional services to complement the purchase of the curriculum.

Dedicated PEEC Workshops and Consultancies are available to support teachers in the implementation of PEEC to suit their individual school context. For more information on these services, or for information on how to purchase PEEC, please contact

Below you will find The Kellett Learner Profile, which outlines what Kellett hopes its students will achieve during their time at the School. It is based upon Kellett School's aim of engendering 'a love of learning and confidence for life', and sets out specific goals for its students and how to achieve them.

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