Geelong Grammar School fosters academic excellence by offering students with strong academic skills the opportunity to participate in our exceptional educational programmes. To coincide with the growth of our exciting and innovative Creative Education programme and developing STEM programmes we are offering students, who may otherwise be unable to attend the school, the opportunity to be awarded a ‘VCE: Creativity in STEM’ Academic Scholarship.

‘VCE: Creativity in STEM’ Academic Scholarships are being offered for Year 10 students, entering Year 11 in 2020, who have enthusiasm and aptitude for STEM subjects.

Successful applicants will be required to:

• Study VCE subjects: Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and two of Chemistry, Physics and Biology in Years 11 and 12.
• Have enthusiasm and aptitude for problem solving and a creative mindset.
• Fully partake in our Creative Education programmes under the mentorship of Creative Education Collaborators.


Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or holders of an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, who are entering Year 11 in 2020. Current Geelong Grammar School Year 10 students are ineligible.


The School will award a number of ‘VCE: Creativity in STEM’ Academic Scholarships of up to 80% of the tuition and boarding, or tuition and day boarding fee. The actual percentage offered depends on the individual student performance in examination and interview. Parents of students offered an award could, if they so wish, complete a financial assessment form requesting further financial assistance.

The scholarship awarded applies to the relevant Geelong Grammar School fee, but not to uniforms, private music lessons, text books, excursions, sundry charges or other personal items.


1. To commence the application process, students must download the STEM Academic Scholarship form.  (PDF 266.6KB) 
2. Applicants are required to complete the Application Form in full, and provide:
• Copy of student's end of 2017 and 2018 year academic report
• Copy of Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN results
• Copy of birth certificate or passport
3. All completed forms and accompanying scanned documents should be returned via post or email to: Admissions Office, Geelong Grammar School, 50 Biddlecombe Avenue, Corio, Victoria, 3214 Or via Email:
4. Students need to complete an academic examination as part of the application procedure. Examinations will take place at the Corio Campus on Saturday 4 May 2019. The Admissions office will send an email confirmation with examination details once the Application has been received in full.
5. Selected candidates will be invited to Corio Campus for an interview with the Scholarship review panel and Principal. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified once the selection process has been finalised. All awards are reviewed annually.

Important Dates:

• Registration for ‘VCE: Creativity in STEM’ Academic Scholarships close on Monday 29 April 2019.
• Examinations will take place at the Corio Campus on Saturday 4 May 2019.

Examination Location and Timing:

• Examinations to be held: SPACE Building, Geelong Grammar School, 50 Biddlecombe Ave, Corio, Vic, 3214
• Students are asked to arrive at the Corio Campus no later than 9.30am.
• Examinations will start at 10.00am, and conclude by 11.30am.
• You are welcome to stay on campus whilst the examination takes place. School tours will be available and Academic staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.